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Leads are everywhere - they browse your website, they attend your appointments and are sometimes hidden in email threads.

Freshsales lets you automatically capture your leads, wherever they are, with these methods.

Adding leads from sales emails

You can automatically capture leads from emails you send and receive in Freshsales. 

  1. When you send an email from Freshsales, the recipient of the email is added as a lead.
  2. When an email is sent or forwarded to your Freshsales email address that goes like, the sender of the email is added as a new lead (if the sender isn't an existing lead in your Freshsales account).

Note: Leads are automatically added from emails only if you've enabled the Create new leads via email checkbox under your Profile Settings.

Capturing website visitors as leads 

Automatically get your website visitors as leads when they fill out any web form (signup forms, subscription forms and so on) on your website by installing the Freshsales for Web library on your website.

Freshsales for Web is only available in Estate. 

Adding attendees of appointments as leads
Freshsales automatically adds attendees of appointments as new leads (if they are not in your CRM). Say your existing lead wants to involve another person (maybe the key decision maker) from their firm to listen to your pitch over a call. While adding the appointment, the attendee, who is the key decision maker in this case, automatically becomes a new lead in Freshsales.