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Why is mapping your lead fields important?

To ensure that the data from your lead fields aren’t lost during conversion.

When you convert a qualified lead, a contact, account and deal is created based on the information you’ve provided for the lead. 

After a successful conversion, the lead is no longer available in the Leads tab, but the information - data from the lead fields - is transferred to the corresponding contact, account and deal (if any). 

For a proper transfer to happen on lead conversion, you should map the lead fields to the respective fields of the contact, account and deal. Otherwise, the data from these lead fields will be lost during conversion. 

How to map lead fields to contact/ account/ deal custom field?

Before you begin mapping your lead custom fields, make sure you’ve added the corresponding custom fields under contacts, accounts and deals. Else, you can also,

  1. Add/Edit field overlay: You can directly create one, from the Field mapping field while adding/editing a lead custom field.

  2. You can also create them beforehand and then proceed to map.

To map lead custom fields to other custom fields, 

  1. Login to Freshsales as an Administrator.

  2. Go to Admin settings > Leads module > Add field

  3. There are two ways to map fields.

    Add/Edit field form:
    - While adding a lead custom field, click the Field mapping dropdown. 

    - Choose the entity(contact/account/deal) custom field to which the current lead custom field needs to be mapped.
    - In case you missed out on creating the required fields beforehand, you can still create a new custom field(contact, account or deal) dynamically from your current screen.
    - Type in the name of the new field. An option to ‘Add<name of the new field>’ comes up. Click it.
    - Choose an entity from the ‘Choose a type’ dropdown and hit .
    Conversion settings button:

    - Click the Conversion Settings button.

    - In the Conversion Settings page, a list of all the lead custom fields that you’ve created is displayed.

    - From the drop down menu beside each custom field, choose a Contact’s/Account’s/Deal’s custom field to which the data needs to be mapped. If you don’t want to map a certain field, simply skip it.

    - To un-map a custom field that has already been mapped, click the close(x) symbol on the drop down.

    - Click Save when you’re done.


  1. Only similar field types can be mapped. Ex: Lead text fields can be mapped to other text fields only, or numeric fields to other numeric fields only and so on. The field mapping dropdown automatically lists only custom fields of matching field types.

  2. While mapping fields that are drop downs or radio buttons, make sure that the choices are the same. For example, if the choices in a lead drop-down field, Owner is, John, Tom, Lisa, Katie make sure that the same values are in the contact/account/deal drop down fields too.