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Views are a great way to get a filtered list of leads based on certain criteria. Whether you want to pull the list of leads you have not reached out to, or the list of leads who are awaiting your reply, views help you get the records you need in record time.

Freshsales gives you a few default views. In addition to these default views, you can create your own views and access it anytime from the Views drop down. You can also share the custom views with your team. However, users can view only those leads that they have access to. 

  1. My Leads - Lists the leads assigned to you.
  2. New Leads - Lists the newly added leads.
  3. Unassigned Leads - Lists the leads that haven’t been assigned to a user yet.
  4. All Leads - Lists all the leads in your Freshsales account.
  5. Recently Modified - Lists the leads whose information has been edited or updated in the last 24 hours.
  6. My Territory Leads - Lists the leads belonging to your territory.
  7. Never Contacted - Lists the leads who’ve never been contacted.

Custom Views

You can find the views created by you, or shared with you, above the default views. Freshsales gives you 3 sample custom views, based on the Lead Score. If you do not want these views, you can edit and delete them anytime. 

  1. Hot Leads - Lists the leads with lead score greater than 70.
  2. Warm Leads - Lists the leads with score in between 30 and 70. 
  3. Cold Leads - Lists the leads with lead score less than 30.

At any point of time, you can modify these views by adding more filter criteria from the Filters section, and saving the view.