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You can manually add leads in Freshsales from a .CSV/.XLSX file, after a conversation with them over the phone and from the Quick Add button. 

1. Using the Quick Add button

The Quick Add button lets you quickly add leads through the new lead form. This button is permanently placed on the Quick Actions bar and you can access it from anywhere in Freshsales - when you are reading emails, listening to voicemails, and even when you are on a call with a prospect. 

2.  Importing leads from a .CSV/.XLSX file

If you get leads from tradeshows, purchase or source them from other applications, chances are that you have all these leads documented in a sheet. Convert it to a .CSV/.XLSX file (if you haven’t) and import your leads onto Freshsales.

3. After phone conversations

If you’ve called prospects from Freshsales, you can add them as new leads from the phone conversations you’ve had with them. The phone numbers get automatically associated with the respective leads too.  

You can also have your leads automatically added from your website, from your emails and even from the appointments you make. Learn about adding leads automatically.