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Lookup fields are fields that pull up or ‘lookup’ another set/list of entity and display them as suggestions or choices. They help users associate different modules in Freshsales.

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Freshsales contains a set of default lookup fields such as:

  • Account Name on Deal

  • Account Name on Contact

  • Parent Account on Account

  • Owner field in each module

However, you can also create and use custom lookup fields.


Lookup field is available only for Estate and Forest users.

Estate users can create 5 lookup fields; Forest users can create 10 lookup fields

For example, if you want to assign or track the relevant Product consultant for every deal, add a field that looks up to the user table and brings out the user list from which you can choose a product consultant. 

Here’s how you can set it up: 

  1. Go to Deal Settings page. In Deal settings, click to create a custom field. This opens a dialog box that allows you to create a custom field. Alternately, you can also drag and drop from the right pane field section.

    Give your field a label ‘Product Consultant’.

  2. Click on the field type dropdown. Choose ‘lookup’ from this list.

  3. Associate the lookup field with the relevant record by choosing from the ‘Related to’ dropdown. In this case, you can opt ‘User’ to display the name of all Users. After choosing the ’Users’, click .

How to use a Lookup field?
Lookup field works by pulling up choices from the entity chosen from 'Related to' list from the lookup field.

In the case of our example, the lookup field works by pulling up all users present within system as a suggestion for a Product consultant. Deals owners can associate the Product consultant to a deal.

Lookup fields can be used across Freshsales much like any other field. Some of the common scenarios where it can be used in:

  • Filters in list view

  • In lead convert

  • In bulk updates

  • In column customization 

  • In workflow actions

  • Filters in workflows 

  • In email placeholders

  • Filters in sales campaign

For example, if you want to get product feedback from Demo users, schedule a classic campaign on users who have had their product demo from a specific Product consultant. Here, the product consultant is a lookup field.


Note: Lookup field will be supported in reports soon.

Additional use case:

Usecase 1: Relate contacts as primary and secondary decision makers of a deal. To do this, create lookup fields in the Deal module and relate them to the Contact module. Now you can mark a contact as a primary or secondary decision maker, and view the decision makers of a deal on the record.