With the Freshsales Gmail Addon, users can access information about their Freshsales Leads/Contacts from within Gmail. This helps you gain a complete context about your prospects before engaging with them.

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Minimum Time Required: 5 min

Quick steps:
Side Panel > > Search “Freshsales” > Install > Open any email > Enter Freshsales domain name > Sign into Freshsales 

What can I do with the Gmail addon?
i) Create a new lead/contact
ii) Get context about a Freshsales lead/contact from within Gmail
iii) View a lead/contact in Freshsales
iv) Add and view activities
v) Add and view notes
vi) Send an email to a lead/contact

Detailed steps for installation:

  1. In your Gmail, click the icon on the side panel. This opens the G-Suite Marketplace. Search “Freshsales” in the marketplace.

  1. Click to install the addon in your Gmail. After Installation, the Freshsales logo will be visible on the side panel.

  2. After Installation, you will be asked to open an email to use the Freshsales Addon.

  3. Enter the Freshsales CRM domain name and click Sign in. This will take you to a new page where you will have to authenticate access to your Gmail account.

    Note: Mention only your account domain name
    Eg: If your freshsales account is “acme.freshsales.io”, then your domain name is “acme”

  1. Upon Login, you will be taken back to your Gmail. The Freshsales addon will fetch information related to the lead (if the lead is a part of Freshsales).

    If the email is not a part of Freshsales, you can add it to Freshsales by clicking Add Lead or Add Contact button.  
    Note: If Gmail addon doesn’t login, refresh the Gmail tab once and you will be logged in.

What can I do with the Gmail addon?

Note: For the Gmail addon to show information about a lead/contact, an email should be opened. The Addon will not work on the email list view page.

The Gmail addon allows you to do the following: 

i) Create a new lead/contact:

  1. Open an email from the prospect you would like to add as a lead/contact. 

  2. Your addon will present you with an option to add the prospect as a lead or contact to your Freshsales account.

ii) Get context about a Freshsales lead/contact from within Gmail

  1. Open any email.

  2. Click the Freshsales Addon. The Addon opens with information relevant to the prospect if they are present in Freshsales.

  3. Find concise information related to the prospect on the Addon.

  4. To know more about the Contact, click View in Freshsales. This opens the Contact in Freshsales.  

    Note: If more than one record is created for an email address, then you will be presented with a message Duplicates found. Clicking on this will show all records created under the same email address.

iii) View a lead/contact in Freshsales

  1. Open an email.

  2. Click the Freshsales Addon. 

  3. Click the  icon. You will be presented with a dropdown.

  4. Click the Search option. You will be presented with a Search bar where you can search for a Lead/Contact present in your Freshsales CRM.


  5. Click on the name of the Lead/Contact. A column with all relevant information will open up.  


iv) Add and view activities:

  1. Click the ADD ACTIVITY button.

  2. Fill in the activity details and click the SAVE ACTIVITY button.

    The types of activity you will be able to add:
    1. Tasks

    2. Appointments
    3. Custom Sales activity.

    To view all activities associated with the lead/contact, click the VIEW ALL button. All activities associated with the record will be displayed.

v) Add and view notes:

Click on the ADD NOTE button to add a new note. You can also access pre-existing notes by clicking the VIEW ALL button.

vi) Send an email (via Gmail):

  1. Click the lead email on the Freshsales panel.

  2. The new message window will pop-up allowing you to send an email to the lead.

    Note:  You will be sending the email via Gmail and not from Freshsales. For this email to reflect in Freshsales, you will have to connect your inbox with Freshsales.