Note Templates in Freshsales can help organize your sales process. These are 
ready-to-use templates designed for documenting sales interactions including calls, meetings, and follow-up tasks. These templates save time by avoiding repetitive administrative work and keeping information consistent across your team.

You can use Note Templates for different parts of the sales process, such as:

  • First-call scripts: Guide on what to say during the first call.

  • Discovery questions: List of questions to understand customer needs.

  • Product demo plans:  Steps to showcase your product effectively.

These examples ensure everyone on the team follows best practices and maintains a high standard of communication with customers.

How to create and use Note Templates?

  1. Navigate to a Lead/Contact/Account/Deal Landing Page

  2. Click on the ‘Add Note’ sidebar. You can choose from pre-seeded templates available within your Freshsales account. These ready-made templates simplify adding information and assist you in efficiently managing your sales activities from the start. Admins have the flexibility to modify and edit them to fit your unique sales processes.

3. You can also create a new template by clicking on the “Create new template” button.

4. Create the template that you want. For example, it could be a brief to your sales teams to run a cold call.

5. Click on the “Save and apply template” button to save the template that you have created and apply it to your current note. If you just want to save the template for later use, select the “Save template” option.

6. Admins can share this template with all CRM users or keep it private by clicking on the “Just me” option. Regular users (those without Admin privileges) are limited to creating private templates and do not have the ability to share templates with other users in their organization.

7. Users with Admin roles can edit or delete note templates. Once you have modified an existing template, click on the “Update Template” button to save your changes.

8. Users can also search for an available template before creating their own.

9. Freshsales, by default, offers 1000 free templates in the Sprout plan. Once you have exceeded these limits, users will not be able to create new templates.

Here's a breakdown of template limits based on subscription levels, distinguishing between public templates (which include seeded templates) and private templates:

Public template limits

Private template limits

Sprout - 5 public + seeded


Blossom - 100 public templates + seeded


Garden - 500 public templates + seeded


Estate - 5000 public + seeded


Forest - 5000 public + seeded