1. Multiselect choice in Filters:

    1. Fields like tags, lists, which has multiselect values should be used with "INCLUDES" filter

    2. Using IS filter will not work -

  2. Days spent in stage Filter: (steps to reproduce)

    1. Deal stage updated from stage A to B after 3days.

    2. Days spent in stage A will be initially zero before it was moved from stage A to B no matter how many days it's in stage A.

    3. Days spent in stage A will be updated to 3 after it's moved to stage B and so on.

So, no data will be present for days spent in current stage until it's  moved to another -

  1. SMS conversation module is not available in metrics yet -

  2. Converted leads will not be shown in reports by default in analytics.

  3.  Cross module report:

    1. If the report is for contact module and filter is with associated deals module the data its fetching is based on related contact and all associated deals to contact also showing along with the filtered deal.

  4. Error : “Ask your Admin to give access”

    1. Report will be corrupted when the fields used in filter condition is deleted

    2. Suggest the customer to create a new report. Old reports will not load -

  5. Fields missing in Add field section:

    1. If form is configured with two fields with similar name it will not result in data until the correct column is selected. 

    2. If data is missing for any column just cross check if it has another similar field with the same name in the available columns -

  6. Any delay in data ingestion or load time for report is higher than expected can be directly raised to analytics platforms team.

  7. Choice not displayed in Filters:

    1. In Analytics, if a particular field value is not present in any record then it will not be shown as a choice in filter

    2. For example if there are 5 Deal stages but all the deals in the CRM are currently part of 2 stages only then those 2 will be shown as filter options while the remaining 3 will not be present as a choice.

  8. In Analytics, if we have widgets from different modules added in the same report then the fields which are common in both the modules will be displayed in the filters.

  9. Tabular data:

    1. For Freshsales Suite accounts created after 25-Nov-2020, Tabular data will not be available as an option under the Chart section.

    2. Workaround - Customer will have to use underlying data section to view details in tabular data format.

  10. Report export as Zip file:

    1. In Freshsales Classic reports, if we schedule a CSV file then the recipients will receive a zip file which will contain the CSV file. 

    2. We do not attach the CSV file directly in scheduled reports to avoid formatting issues. 

    3. PDF scheduled report will be received as PDF file only and not as Zip file. Normal export of CSV file will allow users to download CSV file directly. Only in case of Scheduled CSV file, recipient will receive a Zip file.

  11. While using Days in stage metric, we will have deleted deal stages being shown in Analytics if any deal has been present in that stage previously.

  12. “Title already taken” error while creating new report

    1. If the report is in trash folder, then we would not be able to create a new report with same name in Analytics. 

  13. Meeting shown as completed under record landing page but Open in Analytics.

    1. If for a sales activity type,mark as completed is not enabled as an option then all past meetings will be shown as completed in the record landing page but the same meeting will be shown as Open in Analytics. 

    2. Only if we enable the mark as completed option for Sales activity type and then the user updates it in the meeting then that activity will be shown as completed in Analytics.

  14. We are not using the deals module to display the related product details. It has to be taken from the deal line items module.


  1. ALL SMS conversation section will show conversations only to owner of contact/ messages sent by him to particular contact.

  2. Number should be mapped to a contact to see the conversation in contact page/all sms page for incoming messages.

  3. For all previous sent conversation if number is changed then we won't show conversation history in sms modal as its not mapped but it will show in recent conversation (only old number will show not name of contact)as the entry was already made in db.     


  1. “Add tag” option is not visible in contact landing page:

    1. If the “Tags” field is marked as a “Read only” field, it will not be shown in the contact landing page.

    2. We can ask the customer to enable to get the field visible.

  2. Error - “Field label needs to be unique”:

    1. We do not allow Group name to be the same as any existing default or custom field. It needs to be unique.

    2. A workaround could be to add "-Group" to the name to differentiate.

  3. Dropdown choices limit:

    1. If a dropdown field has more than 300 choices, we would not be able to edit the field. Since 300 choices are the default field limit.

    2. We will not be able to set dependency if choices are more than 300.

    3. To delete/add choices, please raise L2.

  1. Search results:

    1. Search works in a way that it collects all the data which are matching the search query and orders it based on the updated_at time.

    2. The search term should not be more than 50 characters.

    3. The search results will be shown based on the other fields of the L/C/A/D module as well.

  2. External ID field as Non-unique:

    1. We will not be able to mark External ID field as Non-unique but it can be marked as a hidden field after marking another field as Unique or we can add auto-number field and mark one other field as required.

  3. Create/update record Error - “value can't be empty” without any field name shown in the error:

    1. If an account has only one field marked as unique and it is marked as a dependent field then we will not be able to create/update record. 

    2. Customer will have to have a controlling field as a unique field or delete the dependency.

  4. Unable to delete meeting:

    1. Owner can only delete the meeting, attendees will have only remove from the calendar option.

    2. To delete, attendees they should have delete meeting permission in role to do the above action.

  5. Set the field as unique:

    1.  We have now introduced the ability to make a field unique in free and growth plans -    

  6. BCC emails for Timeline Activity:

    1. When we send email through mailbox by adding personal BCC address, the email gets synced in the recent conversation but the activity timeline doesn't show the email log.