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Freshsales can now be integrated with zoom. Increase your sales team’s productivity by scheduling and joining zoom meetings right from your CRM.


How to enable zoom in Freshsales?

To enable zoom integration,

  1. Click the Profile icon > Calendar and Conferencing

  1. Click Zoom

  1. Sign in to your zoom account. You will receive a success message on successful integration.

Note: The account admin on zoom in your organization has to approve Freshsales on marketplace. Only after approval can you connect here

How to add a zoom meeting?

    1. Click on the + Quick add button > Add Meeting
  1. In the ADD MEETING overlay, fill in the meeting details and click Add video conferencing > click zoom

    Note: Click connect zoom if you have not integrated your zoom account with Freshsales

2. From the Lead/Contact/Account/Deal landing page,

Click the Add meeting button on the landing page of a record.

How to join an existing zoom meeting?

  1. From the meetings tab on the rightClick Join Meeting from the meetings tab on the right of a record.

Note: Join meeting button will be removed once you have checked-out from the meeting
  1. From the notifications section
    Click on the Join meeting button from a meeting notification section.

  1. From the Activities Dashboard
    Click on the Join meeting button to the right of a meeting from the Activities Dashboard

How to uninstall Zoom from Freshsales CRM?

1. Login to your Freshsales account and go to Profile Settings > Calendar and Conferencing.

2. Click the delete icon to remove the Zoom Integration. 

This removes the Zoom integration from your Freshsales account.

To remove the integration from within Zoom, 

  1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace. 

  2. Click Manage > Installed apps or search for the Freshsales app. 

  3. Click the Freshsales app.

  4. Click uninstall.