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This feature is powered byFreddy, Freshworks’ AI-powered sales assistant. Freddy uses ML algorithms to continually learn from data stored in Freshsales and aids users in improving productivity.

Freddy looks out for and identifies out-of-office (OOO) auto-responder emails from leads and contacts. Whenever Freddy identifies OOO mentions in the subject or the body of an autoresponder email, it triggers a pop-up for users informing them about the same and enables them to reschedule tasks, appointments, and other sales activities. It also informs users about the unavailability of lead or contact while sending an email, making a call, or sending an SMS.

Some examples of sentences that Freddy looks for in your email:

  • Thank you for your email. I’m out of the office and will be back by 15th may.
  • Hey there, I’m currently travelling and will be out of office until 16th May. Please expect delayed replies.
  • Hi, I am on vacation from 15th to 21st May. I will respond to your emails as soon as possible upon my return.
  • Hello there, I am out of office until March 23rd. Will write to you once I am back.

Once Freddy identifies OOO and the date and time of  return in your email, you will receive this prompt:

You can also find the OOO tag listed next to the lead or contact everywhere in Freshsales. This includes the list view, deals landing pages, accounts landing pages, email conversations pages, etc.

Similarly, when you try to set up a task or an appointment, send emails, send SMS, or make a phone call to a lead/contact who’s OOO, Freddy brings up the prompt and suggests to set up the activity a day after they are back.

Other impact areas:

  • Field updates: The last contacted mode is not changed to ‘Replied’ when an OOO email is received. The last contacted time is also not impacted when an OOO email is received.

  • Conversations: Whenever an OOO is detected by Freddy, it does not show up on the awaiting response section in the inbox


  • Lead Scoring: Lead scoring values to improve when a customer is responsive and replies to your emails. However, the same is not desirable for OOO emails. Hence, both implicit and explicit lead scoring does not consider OOO emails while calculating and updating the score.

  • Deal Insights: Deal insights evaluate the responsiveness of a customer based on the frequency of responses to emails. Here too, Freshsales excludes OOO emails while gauging a customer’s interest.  

  • Workflows: For workflows that have been configured based on email replies, no activity will be carried out if the email is identified as an autoresponder email by Freddy.  

  • Sales Sequence: For step triggers configured as ‘Replied to’, the step is not triggered if the email is identified as an OOO autoresponder email by Freddy.