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By enabling products module, you can now bring your products (hardware or software) or services that you offer into the CRM, and set the type of pricing.

Once the product module is enabled, the product dropdown field in leads will change to a lookup field 

Before Migration:

Post Migration:

The product dropdown field in deals will change to a related product section.

Before Migration:

Post Migration:

The following are some pointers to keep in mind before enabling the products module

  •  Migration

    • Migration of data differs with accounts. On average migration will take 2 hours to complete. If the lead or deal volume is high, migration will take around 5 hours. 

  • Custom Module

    • Rename any custom module with Singular named as ‘Product’ or ‘Products’ to something else, as the term will  be taken by the products module

  • Email templates 

    • Product field placeholders will be removed

  • Leads

    • The product drop-down field will now be a lookup field in lead custom reports

    • None value will not be present in filters for the product field in leads module

  • Webforms

    • Products field will be removed from lead web forms

  • Sales Goals

    • Sales goals attainment will be calculated on each product that is present and not the total deal value

  • Workflows

    • For leads, the placeholders for drop-down product fields will now be lookup fields

    • For deals, all workflows with any action on product field will be removed

To enable products module, go to Admin Settings > PRODUCTS  >  Product Settings > Enable Products

You can choose from one of three pricing type choices:

  1. One-time pricing: A flat or unit-based pricing.

            Formula used to calculate:  [ price of product * quantity ] -  discount + tax

  1. Subscription pricing: You can choose from montly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. subscription-based pricing models. You can also add the number of billing cycles for the subscription chosen.

            Formula used to calculate: [ [ price of product * quantity ] + setup fee ] - discount + tax

  1. Both: You can choose to have either one-time or subscription-based pricing.

Formula used to calculate: value of product with one-time pricing + value pf product with subscription price. 


  • You can also add the tax to be applied to the by specifying the tax percentage. 
  • The tax percentage entered here will be applied to all the products.

Once products module is enabled, you will receive an email outlining the following migration:

  1. All the options (products) that were present in the drop-down field called product in the leads module  will now be product items  in the products module

  2. All the products that were associated with deals will get added to the related section


  • By default, products module is disabled. You need to have an administrator role in Freshsales to enable this feature.