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Lookup fields allow users to create relationships between different modules and enable users to display related lists of a record. You can use a lookup field to associate two different modules in Freshsales or pull up a list of records in another module.

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Freshsales contains a set of default lookup fields such as:

  • Account Name on Deal

  • Account Name on Contact

  • Parent Account on Account

  • Owner field in each module

However, you can also create and use custom lookup fields.


Lookup field is available only for Estate and Forest users.

Estate users can create 5 lookup fields; Forest users can create 10 lookup fields

For example, if you want to make a Contact the ‘Primary Decision Maker’ for a Deal, you can add contact field 'lookup' that links the contacts module with deals and brings out a list of deals to which you can assign a Primary Decision Maker. 

Here’s how you can set it up:

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Contacts module. In Contacts, click to create a custom field. Select Lookup and click the button. This opens an ‘Add Field’ overlay that allows you to add a custom field.

  2. Give your field a label ‘Primary Decision Maker’ and click on the field type dropdown. Choose ‘lookup’ from this list.

  3. Associate the lookup field with the relevant record by choosing from the ‘Related to’ dropdown. In this case, you can opt ‘Deal’ to display all Deals. After choosing ’Deal’, click .

How to show related records from lookup fields on landing page?
Lookup fields allow users to create relationships between different modules. Creating a relationship between two modules enables users to display related records on the landing page of a record.
Lookup fields can be used across Freshsales much like any other field. Some of the common scenarios where it can be used in:

  • As related lists on record landing page

  • Filters in list view

  • In lead convert

  • In bulk updates

  • In column customization 

  • In workflow actions

  • Filters in workflows 

  • In email placeholders

  • Filters in sales campaign

In the case of our example, we have created a contact field lookup ‘Primary Decision Maker’ on a Deal. So let us see how we can bring data from this record into a deal.

Displaying a related module (Access only to Admins)

To display a related module on  the landing page,

  1. Open a record. This can be a Lead/Contact/Account/Deal.

  2. Click the icon. This opens the MANAGE RELATED MODULES overlay.

  3. Choose the modules that you would like to be displayed by clicking the checkbox. Additionally, you can also perform the following actions in the overlay:
    - Reorder: Click the icon to drag and reorder the field.
    - Rename: Click the icon to rename the display name of the module to a relevant name.
    Note: Only Lookup fields that are related to the module will be visible on the overlay.

  4. Click . This brings up the related module into the landing page.

Note: Lookup fields will be supported in reports soon.