With Freshsales, you can auto-qualify leads based on the conditions you set using workflow automation. This reduces manual effort and helps you stay on top of things.
Scenario: When the Lead Quality is Hot, automatically convert it into Contact.

Here’s how you can do the same:

  1. Under Admin Settings , scroll down to Workflows  and click open the module.

  2. Click . This opens the page where you can create a new workflow.

  3. Add a ‘Name’ and ‘Description’ to your Workflow.

  4. Choose the record on which you want the workflow to be executed. In this case, the record would be Lead.

  5. Configure your Workflow by choosing the Filter Conditions and the Execution trigger.

  6. Choose the Workflow action ‘Convert Lead’  from the dropbox. You will be prompted with a dialog box which allows you to associate a deal with the contact.    

Set conditions for the created deal and use placeholders to add more context to the automatically created deal name. You can also opt to create the deal in a pipeline of your choice, determine the deal stage, and set the expected closing date. Additionally, you can choose to associate a deal with the contact created. If you do not want to create a deal, uncheck the checkbox.