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If you’ve activated the Freshcaller widget in Freshsales, then you can use the widget to make calls. For existing users of the erstwhile Freshsales phone, you can refer to this article for all phone-related settings.

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1. How to make phone calls using the Freshcaller widget?

Hover on the name/phone number of a lead/contact. Click on theCALL dialler button.

2. How to add notes using the Freshcaller widget?

During the call you can use in-call functionality such as accessing recent activities and creating notes.

3. How to add a lead/contact using the Freshcaller widget?

At the end of a call, you will be presented with the option to create a CALL LOG. Associate the phone number with a new lead or contact by choosing from the dropdown.

After providing details such as first name and last name, click .  This creates a new lead/contact with which the phone number will be associated.

4. How to create a task/appointment during/after a phone call?

To create a task or an appointment during/ after a phone call, click on thebutton. This presents you with a drop down where you can do the following: 

To Add a task, click. This opens a dialog box where you can create a follow-up task or call reminder for the lead/contact.

To Add an appointment, click. This opens a dialog box where you can create appointment for the lead/contact.