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With the Freshsales Gmail add-on, users can access information about their Freshsales Leads/Contacts from within Gmail. This helps you gain a complete context about your prospects before engaging with them.

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Minimum Time Required: 5 min

Quick steps:
Side Panel > > Search “Freshsales” > Install > Open any email > Enter Freshsales domain name > Sign into Freshsales 
What can I do with the Gmail add-on?
i) Create a new lead/contact
ii) Get context about a Freshsales lead/contact from within Gmail
iii) View a lead/contact in Freshsales
iv) Add and view activities
v) Add and view notes
vi) Send an email to a lead/contact

Detailed steps for installation:

  1. In your Gmail, click the icon on the side panel. This opens the G-Suite Marketplace. Search “Freshsales” in the marketplace.

  1. Click to install the add-on in your Gmail. After Installation, the Freshsales logo will be visible on the side panel.

  2. After Installation, you will be asked to open an email to use the Freshsales add-on.

  3. Enter the Freshsales CRM domain name and click Sign in. This will take you to a new page where you will have to authenticate access to your Gmail account.

    Note: Mention only your account domain name
    Eg: If your freshsales account is “”, then your domain name is “acme”

  1. Upon Login, you will be taken back to your Gmail. The Freshsales add-on will fetch information related to the lead (if the lead is a part of Freshsales).
    If the email is not a part of Freshsales, you can add it to Freshsales by clicking Add Lead or Add Contact button.  
    Note: If Gmail add-on doesn’t login, refresh the Gmail tab once and you will be logged in.

What can I do with the Gmail add-on?

Note: For the Gmail add-on to show information about a lead/contact, an email should be opened. The add-on will not work on the email list view page.

The Gmail add-on allows you to do the following: 

i) Create a new lead/contact:

  1. Open an email from the prospect you would like to add as a lead/contact. 

  2. Your add-on will present you with an option to add the prospect as a lead or contact to your Freshsales account.

ii) Get context about a Freshsales lead/contact from within Gmail

  1. Open any email.

  2. Click the Freshsales add-on. The add-on opens with information relevant to the prospect if they are present in Freshsales.

  3. Find concise information related to the prospect on the add-on.

  4. To know more about the Contact, click View in Freshsales. This opens the Contact in Freshsales.  

    Note: If more than one record is created for an email address, then you will be presented with a message Duplicates found. Clicking on this will show all records created under the same email address.

iii) View a lead/contact in Freshsales

  1. Open an email.

  2. Click the Freshsales add-on. 

  3. Click the  icon. You will be presented with a dropdown.

  4. Click the Search option. You will be presented with a Search bar where you can search for a Lead/Contact present in your Freshsales CRM.


  5. Click on the name of the Lead/Contact. A column with all relevant information will open up.  


iv) Add and view activities:

  1. Click the ADD ACTIVITY button.

  2. Fill in the activity details and click the SAVE ACTIVITY button.

    The types of activity you will be able to add:
    1. Tasks

    2. Appointments
    3. Custom Sales activity.
    To view all activities associated with the lead/contact, click the VIEW ALL button. All activities associated with the record will be displayed.

v) Add and view notes:

Click on the ADD NOTE button to add a new note. You can also access pre-existing notes by clicking the VIEW ALL button.

vi) Send an email (via Gmail):

  1. Click the lead email on the Freshsales panel.

  2. The new message window will pop-up allowing you to send an email to the lead.

    Note:  You will be sending the email via Gmail and not from Freshsales. For this email to reflect in Freshsales, you will have to connect your inbox with Freshsales.