Inline edit is a functionality that allows users to edit their records from the Lead/Contact/Account/Deal landing pages and list views. This gives the ability to make changes on their records without having to open up the edit form/window/dialog box.
How to use it?

Here’s how:
1. Hover on a field that would like to edit. The field will be highlighted in grey and an Edit Icon will appear.

3. Click on the icon. You will be presented with a edit box that allows you to make changes to the particular field.

4. Once a change has been made to the field, click ✔. Your edits will now be saved to the record. To discard the changes, click x.

- The inline edit feature does not work on system fields as they are not editable. When hovering over system fields, the grey highlight and edit icon will not appear.  

- Field validations apply to inline edit. An error notification will be triggered if the field criteria is not met.  
- Leaving a required field empty using inline edit will trigger error notifications. 

How does inline edit operate on fields with dependencies?

  • When you click on a field that has an associated controlling or a dependent field, then you will be presented with an option to edit all the associated fields.  

    Note: When making changes to a dependent field, the associated controlling field needs to be updated/filled. No changes can be made to the dependent field without editing the controlling field.