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The best way to track a sales activity and learn about its performance is to create reports. If you have created a custom sales activity, you can now use reports to analyze the performance of these activities. Managers and admins can now obtain analytics on different sales activities and get a holistic perspective of their sales teams. Here’s how Sales activity reports can be obtained:


QUICK STEPS: Reports> New Report >Sales Activities > Create Report by setting filters > Preview Report > Save  



Let’s take an example and create a Sales activity report. If you are a manager or an admin who is looking to analyse the effectiveness luncheon meetings in sales conversions, here’s how you can use Freshsales Activity reports to analyze the outcomes of lunch meetings:

  1. Find the  icon on the left sidebar on Freshsales and click on the same. This opens up the reports page that allows you to create and access reports.

  2. Click on the button to create a new report. You will be presented with a host of options to choose from. Choose the Sales Activities option.

  3. Clicking on the Sales activities option opens a page that is dedicated to Sales activities reports. This allows you to create a customized report for Sales Activities. Here’s how you can customize your report:
    A. Fill in your Report details by giving your report a title and adding a relevant description. Also, define the visibility of report by opting between Only Me or Everyone. Choosing the former makes the report accessible only to you and will not be visible to anyone. Choosing the latter makes your report visible to everyone in the system.

    B. Set up the required Filters & Grouping to define the parameters of your report. In this case, we will be setting up a report to understand the effectiveness of luncheon meetings for lead conversions. Hence, relevant parameters will be set in place. To learn more about how to customize a report, follow these instructions.
    Here, we have opted for a summary report that gives us an idea of how effective are lunch meetings for winning over leads.
    C. Preview your report before you proceed to generate graphs.

    D. Create a Chart by choosing the right way of representing your data. In this scenario, we are opting to create a Pie Chart where the wedges are the outcomes of the sales activity.

  4. After defining the parameters of your report and customizing it according to your choice, hit Save. This creates a report with the defined values. Upon creation of your report, you can add it to your dashboard for quick access.