Get a sales document signed directly from Freshsales. Add recipients from Freshsales CRM and populate a GetAccept template with customer data. Hit send to get your document signed with secure electronic signatures by your leads. Now you track your sent sales document, every move is notified right when it happens. Get important push notifications when prospects are reading your tracked attachments.

  1. Add the GetAccept Chrome extension.
  2. The extension will be activated when you are logged in to Freshsales CRM.
  3. Click the GetAccept button () in the top right corner of your web browser and use your GetAccept credentials to login or create your free GetAccept Account.
  4. On a Contact, Company, or Deal you will see a GetAccept right panel where you can send and track your sales document.

  5. Choose recipients and their roles, select a template or upload a document and hit send. By default the current lead is added as the recipient.

  6. Upload a document from your system.

  7. Click Send and you are done. You have successfully sent a document for e-signature from Freshsales.

  8. The document status will be available for each sent document. Events will appear in the timeline and you can view detailed tracking by clicking the sent document. The following metrics are tracked for each document
    - Pages read in the document, 

    -Time spent on each page

    -Number of times the document is opened.

    - Status of the email sent is captured as bounced or sent or signed.

  9. Sent documents are visible under Related documents.

  10. A note with the sent document details is added against the lead in Freshsales.

  11. Follow-up task can be created which in turn creates a task under the lead in Freshsales

  12. Delete a sent document from Freshsales which in turn deletes the document from Getaccept.