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Keep track of most of your incoming and outgoing calls in Freshsales with the manual call log feature.

To add a manual call log,

  1. Login to Freshsales app.

  2. Click the Quick add(+) button > Call log.

  3. You can add the following details in your call log:

           - Name of the associated L/C/A/D

           - Whether it’s an incoming or outgoing call 

           - Option to add notes related to the call 

       4. Once you are done with the call specifics, click the ‘tick’ mark and save the log

In case the phone number that you want to save as a call log is not associated with an existing L/C,

  • You need to create a new L/C and save the number to it.

  • Then you can try adding a call log of that number.

Are calls made from Freshsales app, automatically logged?

Yes, if you initiate calls from within the Freshsales app, the prompt to log the call automatically comes up. You need to keep this preference on from the settings. 


For this,

  1. Go to the L/C/A details page.

  2. Click the call icon. This will take you to your iPhone's phone app.

  3. Make the call. 

  4. Once your call ends, the call log screen with the call details(Who was the call with?, Type of call and a section to add notes) comes up.

You can edit the information of the call and click the 'tick' mark to save the call log.

Note: Calls made directly via your phone contacts list is not covered for.  

How to add notes to a call log?

Just so that you make note of the most important details of a call, you can save it as a note too.

After a call ends, a screen with the call log details appear,

  • Name of the associated L/C/A

  • Whether it’s an incoming or outgoing call 

  • Option to add notes related to the call: Type in any important information, like the date of availability of the Lead or Contact for a demo, or if they want a detailed explanation of a specific feature and so on.

You can also go back to the call log and add notes by editing the log.

These notes can be found under the Notes section of the record details too.

How to view the call log inside Freshsales?

Every incoming or outgoing call if of an existing L/C/A is logged on the details page of the corresponding record. 

  1. Click on the L/C/A, whose call log you want to view.

  2. In the details page of the selected L/C/A, scroll horizontally to the Call logs section.

  3. You will find the list of all calls associated with that particular record.

  4. Click on one of the calls to see its details(call type & notes).

  5. You can also find the notes related to the call if any from the Notes section too.