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There’s always a list of certain fields that you use more often than the others. Those fields can now be consolidated in the quick add form. 

Quick add form.png

By default the quick add view shows,

  1. All required fields.

  2. Fields that are commonly used by a sales team, like Email and First name.


Certain fields are mandatory across different entities.

Lead: Last name and Company name

Contact: Last name

Account: Name

Deal: Name, Account Name and Deal value

These fields can’t be un-mandated and would be listed in the quick add form by default.


To list a field in the quick add form,

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Lead fields

  2. Click Edit or Add field icon.


quick add.png


  1. In the corresponding overlay, check or uncheck Show this field in quick add checkbox.

  2. If you enable the checkbox, the field appears in the quick add view.

  3. Also, when a field is marked required, the quick add checkbox is enabled automatically i.e. all required fields are automatically added to the quick add form. 


Quick + reqd.png


  1. To unlist a field from quick view, disable the checkbox.

  2. To view the quick add form, click the Preview button.




  1. Click the View less slider.

view less.png


  1. Quick add view appears.



  1. All fields marked ‘required’ are labelled with a red asterisk (*) against the field name.

  2. Tags marking all properties associated to a given field are also present.