How to integrate?

Here’s how you enable the integration,

  1. Login to Freshsales as an Adminstrator.

  2. Go to Admin Settings > Apps > and search for 'Freshdesk' in the search bar. 

  3. Click 'Freshdesk' and then click .

  4. Click the toggle button to enable it. You are prompted to enter your Freshdesk domain and API key.

  5. To know your API key, login to your Freshdesk account, click your Profile picture and select Profile Settings.

  6. Copy the API key that you see and paste it in the field API key in Freshsales.
  7. Hit Connect when you’re done.

7. You are directed to the 'Settings' section.

8. Enable the 'Would you like to sync your leads and contacts to Freshdesk?' toggle. 

 9.  Choose to sync your Leads/ Contacts/ Both leads and contacts from the 'Freshsales entities to be synced' dropdown.

10. Choose the 'Direction of the Sync' you want. 

11. Choose if you want to just save the configuration for now or additionally also run a sync immediately by clicking the Save or Save and sync now buttons respectively.

12. If you choose the 'Save and sync now' button, you are directed to the 'Logs' section. 

Contact sync: What exactly happens?

Every lead and contact created or updated in Freshsales is automatically synced with those in Freshdesk. 

This two-way integration ensures migration of all your existing customers in Freshdesk as leads or contacts into Freshsales.


  • This sync happens twice a day.
  • All duplicates are updated.
  • Only empty fields are updated for the existing lead/contact. 
For instance: Say the 'Job title' of the contact already present in Freshsales is 'Sales Agent'. The 'Job title' in Freshdesk for the same contact is 'Sales Manager'. On updation during the sync, the job title of contact in Freshsales is not overwritten to 'Sales Manger'. But in case the field 'Job title' was empty initially, then on syncing, the field would be updated as 'Sales Manager') 
  • Only certain fields get synced by default while syncing. 
 Sync from Freshdesk to Freshsales :

Freshsales's Contact field   mapped to 
Freshdesk's Customer field
Freshsale's Lead field 
mapped to 
Freshdesk's Customer field
  1. last name -> Full name
  2. email -> email
  3. work number -> work phone
  4. mobile number -> mobile phone
  5. twitter -> twitter
  6. address -> address
  7. job title -> job title
  1. email -> email
  2. work number -> phone
  3. mobile number -> mobile
  4. address -> address
  5. job title -> job title
  6. twitter -> twitter id
  7. last name -> name
  1. address -> address
  2. Full name -> last name
  3. email -> email
  4. phone -> work number
  5. mobile -> mobile number
  6. twitter id -> twitter
  7. job title -> job title
  1. email -> email
  2. work phone -> work number
  3. mobile phone -> mobile number
  4. address -> address
  5. title -> job title
  6. twitter -> twitter
  7. full name -> last name
  8. email -> company name in Freshsales on creation

Ticket sync

Your tickets from the Freshdesk gets listed against the corresponding lead/contact in Freshsales too. Get to know more about the what and how of ticket sync.