Applicable plans
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File Storage Limits - 

LimitsNot available1GB (per user)2GB (per user)5GB (per user)100GB (per user)1GB (Total)

Note - Storage limit per account is above limit in GB* no. of active users in that plan. Say, the number of active users for an account is 20 in Garden plan. Then the total storage space available for that account is 20 GB. A single user can utilise the entire 20 GB or it can be split amongst every user.

Files overview -

Every user managing an entity(lead, deal, contact or account) would have a set of files and reference links associated to their records. To help the user keep track of and refer back to such files, Freshsales has created the option of file attachments.

To attach a file/link to an entity(say leads), follow the steps listed:

1. From the detail page of a lead, click Files > Add file, to attach any file related to that particular lead.

2. An “Attach Files” overlay appears with three tabs, Add New, My Files, My Links(via URL).


3. Under Add File, you have the option of either uploading a file entirely or just saving a link which takes you to the cloud storage where the file is stored.

4. Click “Upload your file here” and choose from the file to upload from your document list.

5. If you want to share the file with other users, check the “Share file with my team” option.


6. My Files tab lists all files attached by you and shared with you. To search for a particular file, enter the name of the file in the search bar.

7. My Links tab lists all links attached by you and shared with you. To search for a particular link, enter the url of the link in the search bar. To sort the list of files, choose from the sort dropdown(Created at, name, ascending and descending) option.

8. To select multiple files or links, choose the ones required. It gets listed under the selected files/links in the My Files/ My Links tab respectively.

9. Click Attach to upload the files under selected files to the lead.


  • Any file to be attached should not exceed 20 MB.
  • File types supported are PDF, ppt, pptx, Word, Excel, Zip, image formats (PNG, JPG, Gif)
  • For a trial account, its 1 GB irrespective of the no. of users
  • Share option lets other users to attach the same file to different records.
  • Sometimes a file might be common to say, every lead in an account. In such cases, the share option comes in handy. It saves a lot of time and storage space by letting everyone it is shared with reuse the files.