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You can add leads via email by simply forwarding your sales emails to a custom email address provided by Freshsales that goes like this When you forward your emails to this address, the senders are not only added as leads, but their emails get associated with their profiles in Freshsales.  

To convert your sales emails into new leads, 

  1. Login to Freshsales as an Adminstrator. 
  2. Go to Admin Settings > Email and Phone > Email Settings
  3. By default, the Your sales email field is pre-populated with your custom email address which is also your reply-to address. If you’d like to use a different reply-to address, replace it with an email address of your choice. 
  4. You can forward your emails to this Freshsales email address. 
  5. You can choose which record you’d like the emails to be associated with by selecting one of the following: 
    1. Oldest records - The sender’s first record created in Freshsales. 
    2. The record with most activity - This works best when you have duplicates or if the sender is both a lead and a contact. If the sender is most active on only one of the records, the emails fetched are only attached to that record. 
    3. All the records - This invariably attaches the emails received to  all the records that match the sender’s email address. 
    4. Assigned records only - This attaches the email to the sender record assigned to you. When there are duplicates for the sender, one assigned to you and the other to your colleague, this email gets attached to the record assigned to you.
      For example, Peter sends you an email requesting the best sales quote. There are 2 duplicate leads in your account for Peter, one is assigned to you while the other record is assigned to your colleague. Freshsales attaches this email only to the record assigned to you.
  6. If the sender’s email address does not have any matches in Freshsales, the sender then becomes a new lead and the email is attached to the lead’s Conversations. 
  7. You can also prevent the addition of junk leads by excluding specific email domains. 

  1. The senders of the emails are searched for matches in Freshsales and if a match is found, the email is attached to the Conversations of the records found. New leads won’t be created if matches are found for the email address.
  2. When you have chosen 'Assigned records only' and if the user cannot be identified, the email gets attached to all matching records. For example, when a lead sends an email to your sales email address, it appears under all duplicate lead records and your Team inbox.

Use cases: 

Your Freshsales email address comes in handy when, 

  • You’d like to create new leads via email forwarding. 
  • You’d like to auto forward emails from your sales email address to Freshsales and create leads for the same. 
  • You’d like your peers (who are not users in Freshsales) to be able to forward emails from prospects they’ve engaged with. They can forward the emails to your Freshsales email address to create the prospects as leads. 
  • You’d like to fetch emails exchanged between prospects and your sales reps from an external email client to Freshsales. Forward the email to your Freshsales email address to attach the email to the Conversations of an existing record.