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If you’d like people who send an email to you or the people you send an email to, added as leads in Freshsales, you can do so by simply enabling a checkbox under Email Settings. On doing so, the recipients of emails you send from Freshsales are automatically added as leads.

If you’ve connected your email address to your Freshsales account (via IMAP), then the email addresses of people in the BCC field of an email that you receive, also get added as new leads. In addition to this, by enabling the checkbox, emails you receive from leads and contacts are automatically linked to the conversations in their records. 

Here’s how you do it,

  1. Click your Profile picture and select Profile Settings.
  2. Go to Email Settings and select one of the three checkboxes.

    - Track opens and clicks: Enable this to get to know if the mails you send are opened and clicked.
    - Link conversations to related lead or contact: Every mail thread of a particular lead or contact gets listed under 'Recent conversations' section on the details page. 

  3. Click Save.

           By default,
  •  All the three checkboxes are enabled.
  • New leads are created from the emails.

The above setting is a global setting. If you don't want a particular mail (like a confidential price quote) that you are sending to be listed under the lead/contact's 'Recent conversations' you can prevent this from happening. 

At the bottom of your email compose overlay,

1. Click the dropdown present next to Saved.

2. Uncheck the 'Link Conversation to Lead' in case of a lead's email and 'Link Conversation to Contact' for a contact's mail.


  • The global setting is the default setting and is reflected in the checkbox of the email compose overlay too.
  • You can enable or disable this as per your requirement.