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If you use Freshdesk to manage your customer support, you can integrate your Freshdesk account with Freshsales.

Manage your business better by:

  • Keeping your sales agent updated with any tickets raised by their customers

  • Automatically sync your support and sales Contacts

  • This two-way integration ensures migration of all your existing customers in Freshdesk as Leads or Contacts into Freshsales.

This integration allows you to enable two types of sync,

1. Contact sync (1-way & 2-way): Happens twice a day
2. Ticket sync (2-way): real-time sync

3. Account sync

How to enable the Freshsales<>Freshdesk integration?

This is how you can set up the integration:

  1. Login to Freshsales as an Administrator.

  2. Go to Admin Settings > Apps > Freshdesk.

  3. Click the toggle button to enable it. 


  1. You are directed to the Connect screen.

  2. Enter your Freshdesk domain and API key.

       3. To know your API key, login to your Freshdesk account, click your Profile picture and select Profile Settings.


Note: Please use the Super Admin's API key with global access.


4. Copy the API key that you see and paste it in the field API key in Freshsales.

5. Proceed to Settings when you’re done.

SETTINGS: Contacts sync

  1. You are directed to the Settings section.

  2. Choose to sync your Leads/ Contacts/ Both leads and contacts from the 'Freshsales entities to be synced' dropdown.

  • If you want both leads and contacts to be synced to Freshdesk as Customers, you can choose ‘Both leads & contacts

  • If you want only your Freshsales Leads to be synced to Freshdesk as Customers, choose ‘Leads

  • If you want only your Freshsales Contacts to be synced to Freshdesk as Customers, choose ‘Contacts

    3. Next, choose the 'Direction of the Sync' that you want.


    4. Save the configuration for now. You are directed to the Field Mapping tab.

        Note: The sync happens twice a day

If you are a Sprout user, you need to upgrade to Blossom, Garden or Estate to use the Field Mapping tab.

1. Non editable(pre-mapped) default fields

  • Certain default fields are already mapped and can’t be changed.


Freshdesk fields

Freshsales fields

Full Name

First name + Last name





Job title

Job title


Mobile number


Work number

Twitter ID


  • The unmapped default fields can be mapped to other default as well as custom fields. 

2. Custom field mapping:

  • Custom fields of Freshdesk can be mapped to custom or default fields of Freshsales and vice-versa.

  • Custom fields of all field types can be mapped and synced.

  • You need to ensure that all your mandatory custom fields are mapped. Only then, will the Start sync button work.

  • In case you create a new custom field and want it to be reflected in the Field Mapping tab, click the Refresh field list button.

  • Leave the mapping empty if you don't want to sync the field.

   3. Field type mapping:

  • Text field type can be mapped to any other type of field too.

  • Updates of Checkbox type fields are overwritten from the source to the destination during the sync.

  • Drop-down fields can be mapped to only Dropdown fields. You can map it at a choice level.

           Ex: The Lead Stages used in your Freshdesk account could be Prospect, Lead and Customer. You can map it to an equivalent stage in Freshsales.

           A prospect who is in the Contacted stage in Freshdesk should be updated as a Customer in Freshdesk after the sync.

           You may use the same stage in Freshdesk and map it to multiple stages in Freshsales and vice-versa.


  • System fields like created at, updated at can’t be mapped and synced

  4. Sync updates: Indicates the direction of sync

  • Based on your Settings tab’s configuration, the direction of sync is pre-filled here.

  • By default, the mapping applies for both the directions of sync: Freshsales to Freshdesk as well as Freshdesk to Freshsales

  • You may change the sync’s direction at the field level, 

5. Choose the Save Mapping button. 

6. Start Sync to integrate. You are directed to the Logs section. 


Once your sync is complete, 

  • Sync start date and time

  • Sync end date and time

  • Direction of sync

  • The number of Leads and Contacts created/updated or failed(if any) is shown.

In case of failed records, download the error log by clicking the link 'Download Error Details'. It's downloaded as a .CSV file.


  • This sync happens twice a day.

  • All duplicates are updated.

  • Only empty fields are updated for the existing lead/contact. Only for a checkbox field, values are overwritten.

For instance: 

Say the 'Job title' of the contact already present in Freshsales is 'Sales Agent'. The 'Job title' in Freshdesk for the same contact is 'Sales Manager'. When updated during the sync, the job title of contact in Freshsales is not overwritten to 'Sales Manager'. But in case the field 'Job title' was empty initially, on syncing, the field is updated as 'Sales Manager') 

Ticket sync

Any support ticket raised by a customer would be fetched from Freshdesk and associated with the corresponding entity's record in Freshsales. Sales reps can create, update, assign the tickets to support agents and add notes to it too. 

After you’ve enabled Freshdesk, support tickets of leads created in real time and in the last thirty days are synced with the relevant records in Freshsales. 

To view the tickets,

  1. Click a lead to access the lead’s details page and scroll down to Recent Tickets. The last five recent tickets are displayed here.

  2. Click on a ticket to view the details of that ticket, add a note (public and private) and update ticket properties

  3. You can create a ticket for your lead by clicking the Create ticket button from the list view page. The tickets you create are listed on the same page.

  4. You can also send an email and make a call to the lead or contact from the ticket's details page.

Tickets related to a Lead or Contact 

  • Lead or Contact detail page has a Freshdesk widget under the Integrations tab.
  • Tickets raised by the respective lead or contact will be listed under the Integrations tab.

Tickets related to an Account or Deal

  • Account or Deal detail page lists tickets raised from the related contacts of the respective account or deal.
  • You can use the Contact's dropdown to switch contacts and view tickets raised by each contact of the account or deal.


    When a freshsales agent adds a note to a ticket from Freshsales, the username(user email) of the respective agent will be added to the Freshdesk ticket.

    Convert an email conversation to Freshdesk Ticket,
    1. Click a lead to access the lead’s details page and scroll down to Recent Conversations.

    2. Click on the more actions menu of a conversation.

    3. You can create a ticket from your lead's email conversation by clicking the Convert to Ticket button from the more actions menu.

    4. A new Freshdesk Ticket is created with the Lead as the requestor of the ticket and the Email content is added as the description of the ticket.