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If you are a solopreneur, the owner of a mom and pop store, or the owner of a very small non-Saas business, you can still score customers based on the lead property, email activity and web activity. 

Let’s see an example to know how. 

Say, you have a nice little florist store in downtown Chicago and you cater to customers only from Illinois. In this case, you can set scores by country, state and city. You can add scores when a lead is from Illinois and minus points when you get enquires from California and Texas. 

You can also set scores to find out which web pages have piqued your customer’s interest. Say, the customer has visited your special offers page, browsed, and purchased items from their cart. The next time you have a similar offer, you know you need to get in touch with this promising customer via email. And if you have enabled email tracking, you can set score when the customer opens and clicks on that email. 

So irrespective of your business, you can still set lead scores and spend more time in conversation with your sales-ready leads rather than connecting with each and every prospect on your list. 

Learn about configuring lead score by lead property, email activity and web activity