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You can assign accounts to users individually. By default, the user adding an account is made the owner but you can always reassign the account to a different user.


Assigning an account to a user from the details page

  1. Select an account from the Accounts list view page. In the details page of the account, click the View and edit all fields icon.
  2. In the Edit account overlay, choose the user you’d like to assign the account to from the Owner drop down.
  3. Hit Save.

What if I want to bulk assign accounts?

This is a valid question. Time and again cases might arise where members of your team may move to different teams or to a different organization. Under such cases, you may have to transfer all their accounts to a different team member in order to ensure that their erstwhile leads are taken care of. So, how can this be done?

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Accounts page by clicking on the  button. This is the page where you can find all your accounts.

  2. On your Accounts page, click on the Checkboxes associated with the accounts that you wish to assign. This allows you select multiple accounts and carry out actions on the same.

  3. Alternately, if you wish to get the Accounts of a particular owner assigned to a new owner, click on the Filter button, and filter your account on the basis of Owners.

  4. Identify the Owner whose accounts you wish to bulk Select. This creates a list of Filtered accounts who belong to the owner.

  5. Click on the Checkbox at the top to select all the accounts under the given filter. This allows you to select every single account dedicated to a particular Owner.

  6. Click on the Assign to button. This opens a dialog box that allows you to assign the selected accounts to other members on your team.

  7. From the dropdown, select the team member to whom you want to assign the account.

  8. Click on the Checkbox to ensure that all child accounts, related contacts, open deals, open tasks and appointments are assigned to the new owner.

  9. Hit Save. This will ensure that all the accounts and their data are now transferred to the new owner.