Tasks can be used to remind your team and yourself when something needs to be done. It could be a follow up call, sending an infographic or preparing a sales pitch. 

Here's where you can add a task:

  1. From My Appointments & Tasks
  2. From the details page of leads, contacts, and accounts
  3. After a Phone call
  4. From the Quick Add button

1. From My Appointments & Tasks

  1. Go to My Appointments & Tasks > Tasks
  2. Click the Add task button. 
  3. In the Add task overlay give a suitable title for the task. This is a mandatory field.
  4. Using the date picker, choose the date and time when you’d like the task to be completed. Your current date and time is displayed by default. The time can be chosen in hours and in intervals of 30 minutes. 
  5. Describe the purpose of the task in the description. This is to help other users understand the task better.
  6. The owner is by default the user creating the task. However, you can always add tasks to other users by choosing a user from the Owner drop down.
  7. Search for the lead, contact, account or deal you want to associate this task with in the Related to search box, and choose from the search results that appear. This is also a mandatory field.
  8. Share the task with users by including the names of the users under Collaborator(s). You can have any number of users as collaborators. 
  9. Hit Save when you’re done.

2. From the details page of leads, contacts and accounts 

  1. Visit the details page of a lead, contact or account that you’d like to add a task to.
  2. Select Task > Add Task.
  3. Repeat steps 3-9

3. After a Phone call

  1. Go to Conversations > Phone > All Phone Calls (You can choose Voicemail if you’d like to add tasks specifically from voicemails you’ve received).
  2. Select a call log from an existing lead or contact, click the More actions button and choose Add task.
  3. Repeat steps 3-9.
  4. You can also add a task  from the phone widget. Select Recent calls and click the More actions icon beside a call log. Select Add task.

From the Quick Add button

  1. You can add a task by clicking the Quick Add button on the Quick Actions Bar.
  2. Choose + Task.
  3. Repeat steps 3-9

You can find all your tasks in:

1. The details page of the related lead, contact or account.

2. Also under My Appointments & Tasks

Additionally, a notification email is sent to you when:

Email is sent to:
New task is created
Task is edited (Addition of a collaborator)
New collaborator
Task is updated (Change in due date)


  • The creator of the task doesn't receive an email invitation on creation or updation. Only a reminder mail is sent.
  • These email reminders are sent only to Blossom, Garden and Estate customers.