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You can not only use multiple filters to refine your deals, but also save them as custom views and share them with your team. Custom views are available in both the List view and Funnel view of deals.

Freshsales gives you 4 sample custom views, 

  • Lost deals - Lists the deals whose deal stage is Lost.
  • Cold deals - Lists the open deals that were created before 3 months.
  • Hot deals - Lists the deals whose deal value is above $999.
  • Won deals - Lists the deals whose deal stage is Won.

The best part about custom views is that you can edit them, delete them and create as many views as you like with no restraints. 

To create a custom view,

  1. Select a view from the Deals list view page and use the filters you need to narrow your list of deals. If you’d like to add more filters, click the + icon beside Filter.
  2. You can edit filter criteria of any view (default and custom) and save the changes as a new view by clicking the Save As button. However,
    1. You cannot make changes to the default views and save them. You can only save them as new custom views. 
    2. You can make changes to any custom view and save the filter criteria to the same custom view by clicking the Save icon. 
  3. In the Save As overlay, give a name for your view and share the view with your team by selecting Everyone. If you’d rather not share the view, select Only me.

You can find your newly created view in the deal Views drop down. 

To edit a custom view,

  1. Select a custom view from the views drop-down in the Deals list view page.
  2. Clicking Edit opens the Save As overlay.
    1. You can rename and change the visibility of the view. However, Edit does not let you modify the filters used in that view.
    2.  If you’d like to change the filter criteria in your view, you should select the view and change the filter values or add new filters, and click Save.

To delete a custom view, 

  1. Select the view from the drop down and click the Delete icon.
  2. In the dialog box that appears, hit Yes to delete the view.

Freshsales offers 4 views by default that makes searching a breeze.