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Deals are sales opportunities you strike with your customers. In Freshsales, you can create deals,

  1. From the Quick actions bar
  2. Using the Add deal button in Deals tab
  3. When you convert qualified leads to contacts. 
  4. While viewing an account or a contact's details page.

Here’s the list of default fields provided by Freshsales. You can always create custom fields to capture additional information for the deals.  

Note: Account name, Deal name and Deal value are mandatory fields for users who've signed up before 28th June 2017. If you are an Estate or Garden user you have the option of un-mandating the Account Name.
For all sign-ups after 28th June 2017, Account name is optional. 

To create a deal,

  1. Go to the Add Deal overlay using anyone of the ways listed above. 
  2. Enter the deal details under Basic Information and Additional Information (if any).
  3. Click Save once you’re done. 

You can find the created deal in the Deals list view page. The deal can also be found in the details page of the contacts associated with the deal. And also on the details page of the account to which the deal belongs.