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A lead’s information is saved in three groups: 

Basic Information: 

This includes all the default lead fields provided by Freshsales that can be filled in manually through lead forms and during import, or automatically using our Freshsales for Web library 

Here’s the list of default fields.

Field Name


First Name

Lead’s first name
E.g: Jane

Last Name

Last name*
E.g: Sampleton

Company name

The company that the lead works for

Job Title

E.g: Sales Manager

- Primary Email Address
- Secondary Email Address(es)

Email Address of the lead

  • Primary Email Address: Marking an email primary makes it the default email for features such as bulk emails, sales campaign, workflows, etc.

  • Secondary Email address: All email addresses other than the primary email are alternate email addresses that can be used to reach out in case the primary email addresses.


The department the lead belongs to
Eg: Sales


Work phone number
Eg: 368 493 2360


Mobile phone number
Eg: 1-926-652-9503

Other Phone Numbers*Alternate numbers that can be used to reach the lead when Work and Mobile numbers are not available.
Eg: Support hotline numbers, Personal mobile phone number etc.


Residential Address including city, state, country.
Eg: 604-5854 Beckford St.


Eg: Pacific Time- US & Canada


Facebook profile link (Auto enriched)


LinkedIn profile link (Auto enriched)


Twitter profile link (Auto enriched)

Company Website

Company’s website

Company Phone

Company’s phone number
Eg: 503-615-3947

Company Annual Revenue

Company’s annual revenue
Eg: $100K

Number of employees

Company’s employee count
Eg: 201-500

Company address

Company’s address including city, state, country.

Eg: 160-6802 Aliquet Road.

Business Type

Company’s business type with respect to yours
Eg: Reseller

Industry type

Company’s industry type
Eg: Automobile

Deal Name

Deal’s name
Eg: Premium upgrade

Deal Value

Deal’s potential in dollars
Eg: $5000

Expected close date

The date when you expect to close the deal
Eg: 10/31/2019


The product the deal is for
Eg: Widget books


The user assigned to the lead
Eg: Rebecca Morris

Lead Stage

The stage that the lead is in
Eg: New

Unqualified Reason

The reason why a lead will not be qualified/converted
Eg: Budget


The territory the lead belongs to


The source of the lead- where the lead came from.
Eg: Organic search


The medium that led the lead to your blog/website
Eg: Blog


The sales/marketing campaign that led the lead to your website
Eg: Webinar


The keywords that the lead used i.e, what the lead is looking for
Eg: built-in phone

Do not disturb

The lead does not want to be contacted again or has unsubscribed

Has Authority

The lead has authority to take decisions w.r.t the purchase.

Last name is a mandatory field.

Note: For all accounts created on or before 27th June 2017, the Company Name is mandatory for conversion. For the new Garden and Estate accounts created after 27th June 2017, Company name is optional. A new Blossom or Sprout account user can contact our support team to make the Company Name optional.

Additional Information 

This includes custom fields that capture additional information about the lead such as Date of birth, Alternate address, Years of work experience etc. The custom fields can be filled in manually through the lead forms or during import. 

To customize lead fields,

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Lead Settings.
  2. Click thedropdown on a field and click the icon. This brings up the Edit Field overlay.

  3. In the Edit Fieldoverlay, 
    1. You can edit the Field Label, and add a Tooltip and Placeholder text. The Internal Name and Field type, however, cannot be edited. You can also move the field to a group of your choice by selecting from the Group or sub-group dropdown.
    2. You can configure the field properties such as making it a required field, read-only field, unique field and also opt to display the field in the quick-add form.

  4. Once you are done, click Save.

Learn more about creating custom fields for leads.


- In addition to Work and Mobile numbers, users can also capture other alternate phone numbers by adding numbers under other phone numbers and assigning them a label. However, when calls are made to 'other phone numbers' for a lead/contact, Freshsales does not feature them as a part of the activities timeline.