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Lead scoring helps quantify and rank the most active prospects. 

Lead scoring is a yardstick to identify the most sales-ready prospects from the rest. 

This score can be based on the Lead’s level of engagement with the sales rep.

Only an Admin of the Freshsales account can configure the lead scoring rules.

How to configure the lead score rules?

  1. Login as an Admin.

  2. Go to Admin Settings > Automation > Lead score customization

  3. Now you can customize your Lead score by

            a. Defining Lead quality - Hot, warm and cold leads

           Lead quality indicates how sales-ready your lead is based on a score range.

           This is a global setting under the control of the Admin.

           By default, Freshsales gives three lead categories—Hot, warm and cold leads

Cold leads are ones with a Lead score below 30

Warm leads are ones with a score anywhere between 30-70

Hot leads have a score of 71 and above

You can customize these ranges to suit your business.

- Customize the score ranges using the slider:

On a scale of 1 to 99 (1 being the least and 99 being the best), you can customize the range for each category using the lead score slider.

- Rename your lead sections:

You can also rename the categories according to your business terms.

                    Default settings:

     b. Setting lead scoring rules

Your lead score is calculated based on basic criteria(intelligent scoring) like phone calls, emails, etc in addition to the custom rules that you add based on your business needs.

Adding custom Lead score rules,

  1. Choose from the four available tabs:

  • Lead property - All fields (default+custom) in the lead form such as job title, geographic location,  industry type, deal expected close date, and any custom fields configured for leads constitute lead property. Applicable for all plans.

  • Email activity - The response to the emails you send from Freshsales - whether the email was opened, or any link clicked on the email body. This is not available in Sprout.

  • Application activity -  The actions performed on your web app and website such as configuring a particular feature, downloading brochures, signing up for a webinar and so on. This is not available in Sprout. 

  • Web activity - The pages viewed on your website such as your pricing page, home page, careers page and so on. This is available in Estate and Forest.

  1. Add the rules by clicking the Add rule icon under one of the four tabs. Now, select a field, add a condition and define the field values to be matched with. Finally, you can specify the score that needs to be added (or subtracted) when the rule is satisfied.

For ex, Say you feel that the prospects other than CEO’s, VP of sales and Sales managers aren’t really promising leads,  you can choose to give a negative score for all leads with Job titles other than these roles.

  1. After you’ve added all your rules, hit Save.

In this way, you are sorting and segmenting your leads, making it easier for your sales team to prioritize and identify the ones who need most attention. 

This is where the Admin has full control to define the rules that best suit the team’s sales process.