1. If there is an incoming call, will Freshsales prompt for adding the call log once the call is completed?

    This feature works differently for different Android versions:
    Android version 9 and above and all iPhones:

Supports call log feature only if the calls are being made from inside the FS app.

Android version 8 and below supports call logs for:

  • 1. Outgoing calls initiated from the Freshsales mobile app. 

  • 2. Outgoing calls made from the default phone dialer app (the number dialed should have an exact match with an entity - L/C/A - in Freshsales CRM)

  • 3. Incoming calls received on the phone (the number from which the call was received should have a match with an entity - L/C/A - in Freshsales CRM)

  1. Is the call logs feature supported for all plans?

    No, the manual call log feature is not available for Sprout(free) customers.

  2. All the settings are correct, yet the call logs are not showing up. Why?

    You can check if the customer is using the Redmi mobile. When it comes to Redmi phones, there are additional settings that need to be changed:

    • Go to Phone settings > Apps > Select Freshsales.

    • Navigate to Other settings > and select allow these two permissions

Once these two settings are changed, the call logs should start showing up after every Outgoing call initiated from inside Freshsales.

  1. The emails that are being sent using the app are getting sent without any content. Can you please help with this?

    This might happen if there is an issue with the Signature that is configured in the profile settings of the user. If there is any image/resource on the signature which is corrupted, it can cause this issue.
    You can ask the customer to rectify the signature to solve this issue. 
    Reference ticket: https://support.freshdesk.com/a/tickets/6526217

    How to check if the signature is corrupted? - The image that is added might have been broken. So you see something like this in place of any added image on the signature:

  2. I keep getting logged out of my account on the app. How can I fix this?

    This generally happens if you do not tick the checkbox “Keep me logged in” during the initial log in. This generally happens if the session expires after an estimated time or if the same profile is logged out from a different device as well. Checking this option ensures that it stays logged in on the app.

  3. Using TAGS on the Freshsales mobile app.

    • If you're an iPhone user, we will not display the tags on the L/C/A//D landing page. But, using tags we will still allow you to filter entities. 

    • If you're an android user, tags will be displayed as one of the fields, provided the record should have the tag value in the web-app. For eg, if the record has a tag "tag 1", then under Basic Information, the Tags field will be listed and also the value "Tag 1". However, if it is empty, then it will not show up under Basic Information of the lead. If you click on Edit, you will get the option to add tags. 

    • Filtering by tags, by default it's available.  

  4. If we want to update the previous number of calls recorded, say in the month of July, can we do it on Freshsales?

    Call logs cannot be added for previous dates from the UI. However, if the customer wants to have them created in bulk, then they can provide us with the CSV file so that we can have them from the backend. The file should mention what kind of call(outgoing/incoming), creation date, lead/contact/account ID that the call should be associated with, what type of record it is associated with(lead/contact/account), notes(optional), call outcome(optional).

  5. I have added the voice note from the app and could find it as the MP3 version. However, I couldn’t locate it on the web-app. 

Yes, the voice notes that you add on the mobile app are only visible on the app. The same doesn’t get synced to the web-app. However, if these voice notes are to take down quick notes, then we can recommend the voice typing option on the keyboard to the customers as well.

  1. Use case discussionhttps://support.freshdesk.com/a/tickets/7284239
    In this ticket, the customer reported that they are using the Geolocation tagging during check-in and when they compare the actual location with the one tagged, it showed a difference of around 1 km and in one case, there was a difference of 8 KM.

    To this, the L2 team responded by saying: Normally we get the Lat and Long from the GPS of the iPhone and we map it over Apple maps and the accuracy over apple maps is good in the US than in other countries.
    The customer did not respond back to the question if this was happening repeatedly or just in a few rare cases only.