• When a user is online on the app, the data that a user is accessing is cached, whichever page or information is accessed, it will be cached automatically and will be available on the Offline mode.

  • If the cache is cleared, any offline changes which haven't been synced will be lost along with other cached records.
  • There is no time limit for cached data until the cache is manually cleared.
  • Even if we view 1000 records over the course of 1 week, then all those will be available forever until the cache is cleared.
  • It will not cause much slowdown on the performance, because based on the POC done by the team, it is not taking up more space.
  • If the page was not accessed while being online, it gives an error saying: No Internet Connection.  

  • But for this, we cannot expect the user to manually open every record for it to be cached.

  • So we have the option of saving in bulk.

  • You can go to the Settings page > Click on Offline Preferences:

  • You can select views to download them in bulk.

  • The upper limit for Views: 4 

  • The upper limit for the number of records in each view: 100   

  • For auto-cached, even if the user has not accessed the record, they will be available.

  • You will have two options: either just download the first 100 or create a view with just 100 records.

  • If the view has more than 100 records, the following pop up is displayed:

  • The order is decided on the sort preference selected by the user. You can change the sorting by navigating to the respective module > View > Sort.

  • You can select 4 views. If you want to replace any, you will have to delete the view first and then add a new view.

  • In case you have cleared the cache, you can use the "Download Again" option.


While the user is offline:

  • Users can create leads/contacts/accounts/deals/sales activities.

  • They can view already cached records.

  • Voice notes, tasks, appointments and custom sales activities can be added as well.

  • The newly created record can be edited during Offline mode as many times you want.

  • However, as of now, existing cached records cannot be edited. However, it is being worked on and will be taken up for version 2.

  • Quick Links cannot be added while you are offline.

  •  While creating appointments, "Related to" needs to be associated. If the record is cached, then you can search for it and associate it to the appointment. Else, if you can't find it, then you can add a string temporarily.

  • When you try to sync the records after you are back online, a red error will prompt the user to associate the right record with it.

  • However, this is not the case if a lookup field on l/c/a/d is mandatory. In this case, it will not allow you to add the record itself. It is a high priority enhancement for the next Sprint.

  • The Sync of the offline created records can happen either automatically or manually(you can choose this option in order to review the details before syncing).


  1. Will the view download work even for shared views? 
                 Yes, any view that you have access to.

  2. Is there a limit to the number of new records that are created in offline mode? 
                 No, there is no upper limit.

  3. If I add a Lead to an existing view which has 100 records already, what would happen to the View, will it have 101 records or will it have 100 records deleting the old 100th record? 
                 If you add a lead while offline, it doesn't sync to the list. So the cached view will still be at 100.

  4. Will the system check for duplicates while creating records in offline mode? 
                 Form validation will work. Unique fields also. It will allow you to create a lead while offline, but while syncing, it will throw an error if there is a duplicate found.

  5. If I create the appointment/sales activities from the saved record(downloaded view), will it relate to the corresponding record automatically?
                 Yes, it automatically syncs.

  6. Do we have user-level permission for Offline Mode?
                 Yes, the access would be based on the respective role.

  7. Will any user be able to export the cached data?
                 The data will be encrypted and stored. You will not be able to download as a file or cannot be exported.  


Things not supported in Version 1:

1. Lookup field association

2. Editing the existing records [even though they are cached, you can only view as of now]

3. Global search is the limitation in offline mode(you can only search using the name, not using the number/email address when offline, which is possible when we are online).

Quick demo video for Offline feature: