CSV Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check for the format(CSV) of the file. The best practice is to download as a CSV file from Google sheets.
  2. Ensure all the mandatory fields are added in the CSV file and have the relevant information. 
  3. Map all the mandatory fields for the “Import” option to enable.
  4. While associating Account to the contacts in the contact CSV import, make sure all the mandatory Account fields are also populated in the CSV file.
  5. The “Number of employees” field should be in an integer value instead of the range as we have in the UI.
  6. The owner column in the CSV import should have the owner’s Email address instead of their name.
  7. In case of any error or failure of record creation, try to reproduce the same in your test account.
  8. Field format to be ensured while performing a CSV import.
    1. Multi-select field: MS1; MS2; MS3
    2. Checkbox field: TRUE/FALSE
    3. Multiple tags: Tag1; Tag2; Tag3
  9. Contact cannot be associated with the Accounts while Account CSV import, whereas we do have an option to associate Accounts with the contacts in contact CSV import.
  10. We do not have an option to associate multiple accounts to contact in the contact CSV import. In that case, a separate request has to be raised to the onboarding team to have this done.

Common issues while performing CSV Import and root cause:

  1. Mismatch of the count when leads are updated via CSV import.
    1. Issue: When a customer is updating the leads via CSV import, the count of the leads in the CSV file would not match with the count in the UI when the import label is applied in the filter condition.
    2. Reason: This difference in the count is because the customer would have duplicate leads which were also updated during the import. For example, there might be more than one lead with the name "Lead A" and while updating, all the corresponding leads were updated. So, on the import history page, it is considered as a single record as the CSV imported has only one match to it. However, in the filters, all records are shown as they were updated as part of that import. 
    3. FD Ticket: https://support.freshdesk.com/a/tickets/6096737

  2. Contact import failure:
    1. Issue: Customer when trying to import a CSV file, the import would be progressed however end up in an error message - Contact import failure.
    2. Reason: The import failure is because the user tries to associate the same sales account against different contacts for more than 500+ times. We have an anomaly detector in our code, which will stop the import when the same record is getting updated more than 500 times. As a workaround, the user can do a contact import by just mapping the contact fields, after the successful contact import, by going into the recently imported view, the user can associate with the same sales account via bulk update.
    3. FD ticket: https://support.freshdesk.com/a/tickets/3801184
    4. FR: https://freshworks.freshrelease.com/FSALES/issues/FSALES-12096

  3. Account not created while mapping Accounts field in contact CSV import:
    1. Issue: The customer is Importing contacts and adding values to the Sales Accounts field. This is not creating a new sales account.
    2. Reason: In the CSV file, the "Account number of employees" field has been given a range as is usually expected from UI. However, during import or API creation of accounts, we take in an integer value and automatically assign the particular range. This is the reason the account creation isn't happening. So, we can ask the customer to change the value given in the "Number of employees" field and try importing.  For example, instead of 1001 - 5000, please try giving 1001 or any specific numbers.
    3. FD Ticket: https://support.freshdesk.com/a/tickets/4508760

  4. “Account can't be empty” error message though the Account name is provided in the Contact CSV import: 
    1. Issue: The customer is unable to import the contact through CSV       import. They have marked Account name as mandatory and have the values in the excel field, but after import, an error is thrown - Account name cannot be empty.
    2. Reason: The account creation did not happen as the account's required fields are not filled. As a result, the contact creation did not happen as the Account is required in the Contact form.