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Freshsales detects and helps you remove duplicate leads or contacts from your CRM in order to keep it clean.

The deduplication feature proactively looks for, detects, and displays duplicate leads or contacts in the CRM by matching them based on their name, email, or the mobile number values.

Once a set of duplicates is detected, users can execute one of the five following actions:

  • Merge: Merging allows users to move the values of a duplicate lead or contact under the primary record and remove the duplicate.

    Here’s how this works:
    Consider an example where there are multiple leads that bear the name Charles– Charles Harper, Charles H, H Charles. When you open one of these leads, say Charles Harper, Freshsales detects all the other leads and displays them as duplicates. When you hit merge, the duplicate is merged with ‘Charles Harper’ as the primary record.  
  • Quick Merge: Quick Merge allows you to merge all detected duplicates into a single record. Click on the Quick Merge button to initiate merge action between the records.

    Note: Duplicate contacts cannot be turned back into leads in Freshsales 

  • View & Edit fields: You can view the fields of the duplicates from within the landing page and use it to gather more context about the duplicates.

  • Assign to a user: There are instances when two or more leads may have been created for the same prospect. In such a scenario, all duplicate leads can be reassigned to a single owner by clicking on the Assign to a user button.

  • Send email: If a duplicate has an email associated with it, you can send an email.

  • Delete: The delete function allows you to remove the duplicate from Freshsales.