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 Freshsales provides you the flexibility to customize your CRM based on your preferences and business needs. Watch this video to get a hang of this customization !

Let’s dive deep into the key aspects of customizing the layout in Freshsales. 

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1. Adding custom fields

Based on your needs, you can add new field types. The number of custom fields that can be added depends on your plan.  

2. Mapping lead fields to suitable contact, account or deal fields

Map your lead fields to ensure that all lead information gets carried forward on conversion.

3. Setting Field properties: Requiredread-only or listing it in quick add view.

You can either mandate a field or make it read-only based on its business context. You can also choose to list a field in the quick add form.

4. Creating a group or a sub-group           

You can create groups and sub-groups to bucket all relevant fields together for quick access.

This is applicable only for Estate users.

5. Renaming, reordering and deleting fields

You can rename all fields (including default fields), provide a logical order for listing fields and delete irrelevant fields.

6. Renaming, reordering and deleting groups/sub-groups

You can rename all groups (including Basic and Additional Information), reorder based on priority and delete the custom groups that you no longer need. 

Note: You have to be an Account Admin to customize layouts.

7. Customize multiple deal pipeline

Different companies will have different sales processes with a different set of stages depending on the products they offer or the markets they cater to.

For ex, the sales journey of a B2B comapny differs from a B2C company.

So, with multiple pipelines, you can organize and process their activities with better clarity.

8. Customize lead stages and deal stages

Customize the stages of lead and deal based on the sales process of your business. The stages will capture the lifecycle of your lead, for example - from New, Contact attempted, Contacted, Interested, Qualified, Unqualified etc. Similarly for deal stages from New deal to Closed Won or Lost.

9. Configure sales activities 

Whenever a sales rep meet up or talk to a prospect, it’s a sales activity. It could be a simple skype call or a face to face lunch meeting too. Freshsales provides a set of default sales activities, for eg - Emails, Call logs, Tasks, Appointments and Chat. If your business involves other activities, you can add them too(custom activities). For ex, as a  sales rep, your interaction with prospects might involve, meeting over lunch or discussing over skype calls, etc.

10. Configure CRM setting

You can choose a language, time zone, preferred date and time format along with the currency of your deals for your account. You can also change the automation setting and opt - in rules for your account. To customize these, go to Admin Settings -> CRM settings, make the preferred changes and hit save.

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