Many a times, while on a customer call, you might feel that another sales agent can answer a few queries better. You can transfer your call (ongoing) to your colleague or even an external number from within Freshsales.

Who can transfer calls?

Sales rep-to-sales rep:

A sales agent who makes or receives the call can transfer it to any other sales rep who is online.

Sales rep-to-territory: 

You may also transfer calls to a territory as a whole. Any online agent from that territory can pick up the transferred call.

Ex: A customer might have called a wrong branch(Arizona instead of Seattle). The sales rep from the Arizona sales team can attend the call initially and then transfer it to the reps of the Seattle team. 

How to transfer?

The call transfer icon can be accessed from the Freshsales phone widget.

  1. Login as a user into Freshsales.

  2. Make or receive calls.

  1. While on the call you can take notes and record the call too.

  2. To transfer the call, click the Transfer call button from the phone widget.

  1. A window with the list of all territories and active users(available to take calls) comes up.

  1. Choose from the list. If it’s a user, the call is transferred and awaits for response. 

  1. Once you choose to transfer the call, you are disconnected from the call, leaving the other rep to take over. 

  1. If the call is declined or the response buffer time is over, you get an option to resume the call or try transferring it to another rep.

  1. In case you transfer the call to a territory, any rep of that territory can attend the call.

How are the transferred calls logged?

Once the call is over, each of your calls are logged as a part of a single conversation thread.

Let’s say, you are on call with a customer for about 1 min. He asks a question that is outside your area of expertise. So now, you might’ve to transfer the call to your colleague, Saul for better assistance. Saul talks for about 2 mins, after which he transfers the call to back to you.

The call log for the above scenario looks like this:

You can also view calls specific to a Lead or Contact from the Recent conversations section of the respective detail page.