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All calls made or received from your to-be, or existing customers can be saved automatically or manually inside your mobile app.

This helps you:

  • Manage the vast call volume effectively. You need not worry about missing out on insights from important calls anymore. 

  • You can also take notes parallelly while on a call and refer to it anytime later.

Now let us get to the usability and details.

You may choose to log your calls either,

  • Automatically: To log all your incoming or outgoing calls automatically, the call’s number needs to be saved under an existing L/C/A. 

            Note: A prompt of the call logs comes up, to save the log you need to select the ‘tick’ 



  • Or Manually: To add other calls that you made offline or of numbers that are not saved inside Freshsales yet, you can use this.

Pre-requisite: Grant Freshsales the permission to access your phone calls for it to log your calls automatically. 

Auto call log:

Before you go ahead and use your call logs, you need to activate this option in your account. 

How to enable the auto call log option?

  1. Log in to your account, go to Menu > Settings.

  2. Click the Call log button.

  3. Enable the toggle to automatically log all incoming and outgoing calls.

  4. A pop up asking you to allow Freshsales to access your phone comes up. 

  5. Grant the permission and hit Allow.

                                                              1 - permission.gif

  1. Once the Automatic call log is enabled, the Freshsales app will check your calls and when the number matches an L/C/A, an automatic call log prompt will appear when you end the call.

                                                              2 - settings.gif

  1. If you choose to Deny granting the permission, the auto call log feature is not enabled.

How does the auto call log work?

Once this option is active, every incoming or outgoing call with your L/C/A is asked to be saved in your account.

If you want to save the log, hit the ‘tick’ mark. Else close the log without saving it.

The ongoing call’s number is matched with an existing L/C/A’s number. Once a match is found between an L/C/A’s number and your phone's contact list, the prompt for the call log comes up.

For ex, say Jane is one of your Leads. Jane calls you, asking you to schedule a demo for her. After you’re done talking, you’ll be prompted to save a call log and you can add notes to the call.  

How to view the call log inside Freshsales?

Every incoming or outgoing call if of an existing L/C/A is logged under the details page of the corresponding record. 

  1. Click on the L/C/A, whose call log you want to view.

  2. In the details page of the selected L/C/A, scroll horizontally to the Call logs section.

  3. You will find the list of all calls associated with that particular record.

  4. Click on one of the calls to see its details(call type & notes).

  5. You can also find the notes related to the call if any.

How to add notes to a call log?

Just so that you make note of the most important details of a call, you can save it as a note too.

After a call ends, a screen with the call log details appear,

  • Name of the associated L/C/A

  • Whether it’s an incoming or outgoing call 

  • Option to add notes related to the call : Type in any important information, like the date of availability of the Lead or Contact for a demo, or if they want a detailed explanation of a specific feature and so on.

You can also go back to the call log and add notes by editing the log.

These notes can be found under the Notes section of the record details too.

Manual call log:

If you haven’t enabled the auto call log option or you need to save some additional calls, you can use this option.

How to add a manual call log?

  1. Login to your account.

  2. Click the Quick add(+) button > Add call log.

  3. A screen with the list of your recent calls appear. (Currently, we show your 10 most recent calls)

  4. Choose the call that you want to save. If it’s an existing L/C/A  number, it’s automatically associated.

                                                                 3 - recent calls.gif

  1. Else a pop up asking you to create a new lead or contact comes up.

  2. Create a new record and associate the number with it.

                                                          5 - create.gif
  1.  In case you need to log a call which is not showing up in the recent call list, you can simply search for the L/C/A and then create the log.

                                                                 4 - search.gif

  1. Your call is successfully saved in Freshsales.

  2. You can also create a call log from an L/C/A details page, in which case the Who was the call with? field is prefilled.

                                                                 6 - landing.gif

Just like the auto call log, you can add notes and mention if it was an incoming or outgoing call too.