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With Freshsales call masking feature, you don’t have to switch numbers just because your business has expanded operations to a new territory.

This also comes in handy when you move from one CRM to another. You don't have to juggle between your old and new numbers.

You can connect across different countries by using your Caller Id 

To mask the phone numbers you’ve purchased in Freshsales with your Caller Id,

1. Manage your Caller Id: 

  • Login as an Admin into Freshsales.

  • Go to Admin Settings > Email and Phone > Phone Settings

  • Click the ‘Manage Caller Id’ button.


  • Add the common number you’ve been using for your business in the Add Caller Id tab.


  • Once you’re done, click the ‘Add Caller Id’ button.

  • An 6-digit OTP is displayed. A call is triggered to the phone number you added. 


  • Verify the number by giving the OTP in your automated call.

  • Once verified, your number is added to Freshsales.



  • To remove a number from your caller Id, click the ‘-’ symbol. A pop up window asking you to confirm appears. 

  • The number is deleted once you click Yes

  • Also, call masking for all associated numbers (masked under the deleted number) is disabled.


2.  Mask your Freshsales numbers(purchased) with your Caller Id :

  • Choose the number that needs to be masked.

  • Click edit and the screen to edit your number appears.


  • Under the Call Masking section, enable the ‘Mask this number to’ checkbox.

  • Choose from one of the numbers you’ve added to the caller Id. 

  • To add a new number to your Caller Id, click the ‘Add Caller Id’ button on the right side of the tab.

  • After choosing a number, hit Save.

CM_7 edited.png

From now on, all calls made from this number (purchased in Freshsales), will be masked with your original number. 


  1. Only your original number will be seen by your customers while receiving calls through Freshsales.

  2. You can mask multiple Freshsales numbers to a single number of your choice.

  3. Also, you can't hide your phone number from being visible to the receiver of your call.