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To pace up any sale transaction and push any potential lead into deal closures, intense and undeterred follow up is mandatory. Supporting this notion, an exclusive notifications alert icon is present in Freshsales.

To know more about how to set these notifications, click here.

In addition to the real time notifications, a notification alert icon is present.

  • When you click this icon, a tab with a list of notifications appears.  


  • You are directed to the profile settings page, on clicking one of the notifications listed.

<scrn shot of profile settings page>

  • Choose the notifications that you want to see and save the changes.


  • The notifications are specific to each user.

  • Email sent, received and bounced along with the tasks and appointments notification appears in this window.

  • Tasks and Appointments are mandatory notifications.

  • Only the notifications for email settings can be chosen by the user.

  • The number of unattended notifications appears over the notifications alert icon.

  • The unattended notifications appear in grey.


This is unlike the general notifications in three aspects:

  • Choice: It is left to the user’s choice to decide what they wish to be notified on. This will save an user from being annoyed by unwanted notifications.
  • Relevance: As the users are given the option of choosing, the problem of being spammed with irrelevant notifications is solved for.
  • Redirects to action page: When you click a particular notification, it lands on the corresponding page where you can go ahead and respond accordingly.