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Freshsales built-in phone channel allows your sales reps to route and pick up calls from their desktops or mobile phones, without having to setup any hardware. Phone channel is currently available for businesses in 41 countries.  

The built-in phone channel is, 

Completely cloud based: 

You do not require any hardware setup or software installation. It works completely over the internet and it is set up by default in your Freshsales account. 

Local and Toll-Free numbers: 

You can purchase Toll free numbers which your customers can call for free. Or if you’d rather have them pay each time they call, you can buy local numbers for the same.

Customize Greetings:

When customers call, you can choose to greet them with a custom message by typing your welcome message and have it converted to speech. 

Answer via browser or phone: 

Your sales reps get the flexibility of taking calls from the browser and on their phones. They can toggle between the two by answering urgent queries on their mobile phones when they are away from their desks and vice versa. 

Automatic call recording:

You can choose to automatically record all calls made and received in Freshsales. You can add tasks, appointments and link call logs to existing records or create new records for the same.