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In Freshsales, you can get notified about emails you receive, the status of the emails you send, reminders for appointments before they commence and alerts for tasks when they’re assigned to you or before they’re due - all in real time!

Alerts and Reminders 

You can get reminders in the form of emails from Freshsales, at a specific time before your appointment begins or before the task is due. Additionally, you can also be alerted via email, every time a task is assigned to you. 

Learn more about setting alerts and reminders.


Emails that you send from Freshsales are tracked and have the following tags

  1. Opened - Emails that have been read by the recipient
  2. Clicked - Links in the emails that have been clicked by the recipient.
  3. Bounced - Emails that weren’t delivered to the recipient.

Status bar notifications

When you receive an email in Freshsales, the status bar displays a flash notification for a brief period. You can also see flash notifications when the recipient has opened or clicked the links in your email and also if the email has bounced.