When you hear call recordings of prospects who sound promising, you make a quick note to self to meet with them briefly. But when you receive a huge volume of calls, you’d have a lot of people to follow up on and may not be able to keep track of all of them. 

Freshsales helps you be more pro active by letting you create appointments soon after you attend a call or listen to a call recording. 

This is how you do it,

  1. Go to Conversations > Phone > All Phone Calls. If you’d like to add appointments to voicemails you’ve received, select Voicemail.
  2. Choose a call log and click the More icon. 
  3. Select Add Appointment and in the Add Appointment overlay, fill the fields.
  4. Hit Save.

You can also create appointments from phone conversations listed in the details page of the respective lead or contact.

Note: You can create appointments only for existing leads and contacts.