Avoid using Wifi

Use ethernet and not WiFi. The wireless medium can cause issues with the call quality and hence must be avoided.

Number of devices

If you are using WiFi, ensure the number of devices operating on the same channel is as minimal as possible. Many devices sharing the same network causes reduction in individual device's efficiency.

Voice data

Avoid transferring huge amounts of voice data in the same WiFi network as it can add to the latency.

High bandwidth

Use high bandwidth internet connection as lower bandwidth adds to the inherent latency involved in algorithmic processing, network traversal etc.

Local network conditions have the highest impact on voice quality. Make sure you have sufficient bandwidth and try using ethernet for voice data.

Check your router's configuration

If you have addressed the above issues and continue to have jitter related impact on your voice quality, try configuring your router with QoS rules to prioritise traffic on the UDP ports ranging from 10000-20000.

Prefer wired headsets over bluetooth ones

We recommend USB / 3.5mm headsets over bluetooth ones. If you’re using bluetooth headsets, connect the USB dongle for better call strength. This is because each browser behaves differently with different hardware vendors and it becomes impossibly difficult to troubleshoot such issues.