In Freshsales, with the in-built phone, all phone calls you make, receive and miss are automatically logged. Call logs come in handy when you need to add new leads or contacts after having conversed with them over the phone. It doesn’t always have to be new leads or contacts, existing contacts and leads might call you from a number that isn’t registered in your account. In such cases, you can attach the call log to the relevant records and follow up on them. 

Here’s how you do it,

  1. Go to Conversations > Phone > All Phone Calls. You can select Voicemail if you’d like to specifically add leads or contacts from the voicemails you’ve received. 
  2. Select a call log that is from an anonymous number and click the More button beside it.
    1. To add the call log to a new lead, click Add Lead
    2. To add the call log to a new contact, click Add Contact.
    3. After filling the details of the new lead/contact in the Add Lead or Add Contact overlay, click Save.
  3. If you know that the number belongs to an existing lead or contact in Freshsales, after you’ve heard the call recording,
    1. Click Add to existing lead, to associate the call log with an existing lead.
    2. Click Add to existing contact, to associate the call log with an existing contact.
    3. Search for the respective lead/contact in the Add to existing lead or Add to existing contact overlay and select the right lead/contact from the results that appear. 
    4. You can edit the phone numbers of the lead or contact in the same overlay. You can either replace their registered Work phone number (if any)  with the number from this call log or save this number as their Mobile phone number. 
    5. Click Save when you’re done.

Note: Only call logs from anonymous numbers (numbers not found in Freshsales) can be added as new leads or contacts.

You can find the call log associated with the new lead/contact or the existing lead/contact in their details page respectively.