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Every time you add a user in your Freshsales account, you must associate at least one role to the user. Roles helps you classify your team into different sections, letting you provide access privileges on what a user can do within your Freshsales account.

By default, Freshsales has 5 roles which you can assign to your team members. 

  • Restricted user: Not applicable for Sprout plan. Cannot access reports.  Can create and edit records except the Owner field. Can create and edit records. List view notes, tasks, appointments, conversation s, make and receive calls and send emails(including bulk emails).
  • User: Can create, edit and delete records, list views, notes, tasks, appointments and conversations. Import records, make and receive calls, and send emails (including bulk emails). 
  • Manager: Can do all user related activities including accessing reports, but cannot access the administrator settings.   
  • Administrator: Can do all the manager related activities and can access the administrator settings, but cannot access the account or billing related information.
  • Account Administrator: Has complete control over Freshsales including the account and billing related information.





    Difference between User and Restricted User:

           Restricted users cannot perform the following actions:

            1. Change owner:

            --While editing a record, the Owner field of lead, contact, account and deal is a read

            only field. However,the user can edit the Owner field for task and appointment only.

            --Cannot import data from .CSV file.

            --Cannot bulk assign to the Owner. 

            --Cannot access reports. 

            2. Delete record feature:

            --Cannot delete any lead, contact, account or deal record. However, the user can delete tasks,                   appointments and notes.