Bounce rate is not transparent to Freshsales users/admins

I'm currently having a very bad experience with Freshsales regarding this rule:

"Whenever the bounce rate of your emails crosses 5%, Freshsales sends you warning message to draw your attention. This notification will pop-up until the bounce rate drops below 5%. When your bounce rate crosses 10%, your email feature will be suspended indefinitely."

Last week I started receiving the error pop mentioned above. Upon chatting with support, they mentioned the bounce rate on the account was 0.29%. I've insisted to learn why I was receiving the error messages, and finally got this:

"On having this checked further from the backend, I could see that the bounce rate for your domain is 6.02. I had checked with our logs as well to confirm for this. I'm sorry for the miscommunication earlier and for all the confusion."

The email report for the last month, which was the period that the error message started to pop up, shows numbers that doesn't represent a bounce going from under 5% to 6.02%. In the last month, the report shows 58 bounces, while 25,193 successful deliveries. This represents 0.2% bounce rate. In which math universe this would make the bounce rate go from under 5% to 6.02%?

The only "support" I get is the same shallow solution "We suggest sending a higher number of successful emails to reduce the bounce rate". Well.. 0.29% bounce rate is fairly good and are NOT helping.

It can't work like this! If there is such a rule that DISABLES a feature that we are paying for, there should be TRANSPARENCY at how and why this is occurring. 

Did anyone else experienced this and have some proper guidance on how to solve it?

Hey Alan, 

​Greetings from Freshsales Support. 

The bounce rate is calculated not only based on the bulk email sent now or recently but a cumulative calculation of the overall email activity in the account. 

​The percentage involves factors like the number of emails sent to invalid/bounced email addresses, number of leads/contacts created with invalid email addresses. Kindly filter out the leads/contacts periodically with the condition "Email status is bounced/invalid" and update them with the right email address or remove them if they're junk lead. 

This will also prevent an increase in the bounce rate. Once the bounce rate goes above 10%, the email feature will be disabled and you will be asked to remove the unwanted/invalid leads from the system. Post which we will have the feature re-enabled immediately once you report it to us. Based on the email activity going forward, the rate will go down. 

Once the rate goes below 5%, the warning message will also be removed. 

  Aishwarya Parthasarathi 
Specialist, Freshsales

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