Webinar FAQs - 28th May, 2020 [Understanding and troubleshooting Sales Sequences]

  1. What happens when the sales sequence emails are triggered?

    1. Due to the 2 way sync, the emails will be synced from FS to the connected mailbox (sent and inbox) 

    2. The email created in the mailbox by the email client (sent folder) will be deleted by Freshsales’s end and will be recreated in a version for custom tracking (opens/clicks etc). 

    3. Rare case scenario - The deletion of the automatically created email by the email client might fail to result in the duplication of the same email.
      Note - The email will, however, be sent only once. 

    4. If the emails fail due to the email limit on the specified day, there’s one possible attempt on the next day for all the failed entities.

  2. The behavior of a smart sequence (with weekends excluded)

    • When a smart sequence is set (eg: every 2 days) and one of the steps runs on a Friday having the “Exclude weekend” option enabled.

    • The next step will be executed at the start of the week irrespective of the interval selected.

    • That is, if the sequence first ran on Monday (1st email) followed by the 2nd email on Wednesday > 3rd email on Friday > the next email will be sent on Monday (Excluding weekends and on the start of the week) instead of Tuesday.

  3. How does the sequence exit criteria work for the leads?

    • The leads/contacts/accounts entering the sales sequence will ideally exit the sequence on the next day of completing the final sequence step if there are no specific exit criteria.

    • Certain cases where the records exit the sequence one day later than the actual date could be due the time delay between the leads entering the sequence and the execution time of the last step.

      For instance, records enter the sequence around 15.32 UTC (Day 1), and the schedule is for 15:30UTC.
      But on the last sequence execution day for reasons like less traffic/jobs, the execution happened before 15.32 say at 15.31. Due to this 1 min difference in executions, the records created at 15.32 on the first day are yet to complete the day. Hence, they’ll get exited on the next day.

  4. Points to check if the sequence didn’t pull all the leads from a saved view

    If a view has been saved with 100 leads and the same view has been inserted in a sales sequence, however only 70 leads are within the sequence then check the following points: 

    1. Check if this option under admin settings > CRM settings is enabled  

    2. The records even though residing in an inactive sequence will not be added to another sequence as the “Active sales sequence” field will still have the inactive sequence’s name on it.

    3. We can check if there are such records by applying the filter Active sales sequence is not in “mention the sequence name” within the saved view and confirm if they are inside a different sequence.

    4. These records can be bulk selected and removed from the old sequence manually by the “Remove from sequence” option and add to the new sequence similarly.

  5. Common reasons for the failure of emails through sales sequence 

    1. The placeholder used in the email template is of the wrong format. For example, if a “{“ is missing on the starting or ending of a placeholder (Sample - {{lead.full_name})

    2. User level email limit could’ve crossed, so we could check under admin settings > roles > what is the email limit set for the role and the number of leads within the sequence to compare the count.

    3. More than one sequence might be running at the same time will use up the email limit. Hence, it is essential to check that as well.

    4. Activating/inactivating the sequence during the execution. That is, if the sequence has 3 email steps and after the first step (say on day1) the sequence has been inactivated.
      And if it has been reactivated on day 3 after the 2nd step has already crossed, the 2nd step’s email will not be sent out anymore. (This is because, even if the sequence is not active, the days will be counted). Therefore, it is important not to de-activate a sequence in-between.
      To fix this, we can ask the customer to change the day of the missed email step to an upcoming day after checking the record’s current status and the consecutive email steps as well accordingly.

    5. Check for the entry and exit criterias which are kept as, these might be contradictory to each other. For example, the entry condition is “lead stage is not in (New/contacted)” - will pull in leads having stages demo/negotiation/unqualified and the exit condition is kept as “lead stage is in (demo/negotiation/unqualified)” which will eventually remove the records as and when they enter the sequence.

    6. Check if there were any changes made in the email template or if the email template itself was changed.

    7. If the “owner” field is empty for the records and have the “from” section as “record owner” since there was no owner email address for the record the email will not be sent.

    8. Few cases where certain records themselves might not have email addresses and hence the email wouldn’t have been sent.

    9. Sometimes, the customers misinterprets that by selecting the type of the module itself all the records will be pulled in and wouldn’t have enabled the check-box for “Add lead/contact/account” to sequence option. Hence, it is required to check this as well as one of the basic aspects.

  6.  How does sales sequence work with accounts module? 

    If “Accounts” module has been selected in a sequence in order to send emails to specific contacts related to accounts, then 

  1. All contacts related to the respective accounts will be pulled inside the sequence. Contacts without having an account will not receive an email or enter the sequence.

  2. If the option above shown is enabled then those contacts having an account as “Primary” alone will be pulled. That is, a contact can have multiple related accounts and one of them should be chosen as a primary account.  

  3. For instance, as shown in the screenshot, a contact has 2 accounts (Google and SRM). So, if the checkbox is enabled, then this contact will be entering since it has a primary account exclusively marked as - Google.

Sales sequence Support article link - https://support.freshsales.io/support/solutions/articles/230898-what-are-sales-sequences-how-to-configure-a-sequence-#Import-your-campaign-audience 

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