Webinar FAQs - 30th June, 2020 [Integration of Freshsales with Freshdesk/Freshchat]


FAQs - FS-FD integration

  1. For the API key, should we use FS API key or FD API key?
    --> We need to use the Freshdesk Account Admin’s API Key. This is to avoid any restriction from obstructing the integration process.

  2. Why should I use the Overwrite option? What is the difference?
    -->  The major difference is:
    Using “Without overwrite”, updates the value only if the initial field value is NULL.
    Eg: If “field 1” in FS has no value, but in FD it does have a value, only then the integration updates the “field 1” inside FS.
             However, if “field 1” already has a value which is different from the one in FD, then Integration will not update the value.

           Using “With overwrite”, it will replace “field 1’s” value with the value on FD.

  1. For overwrite which app is given preference?
    -->  It is based on the “Last Updated time” for the records on both FS and FD. But if there is a clash on the time, FD holds the priority.

  2. Can we sync Companies of FD with Accounts in FS?
    -->  As of now, we do not have this option. We however have a Custom App built to have this done. The app syncs only Accounts from FS to FD. It is "Real-time" sync. It syncs a company that you create, update and delete. The update will depend on what fields that you map during integration and no historical sync.

  1. What plan must I be on FD to have this Integration?
    -->  You will need the API key and the sprout plan of both Freshdesk and Freshsales doesn’t have API support. So you will need to be at least on the Blossom plan on both the platforms.

  2. I am not able to create tickets via FD integration. Why?

    -->  There are multiple reasons for this. Some are:

            i. Changing the Support email address at Freshdesk end after setting up the integration. In this case, you can let us know the new updated Support email addresses so that we can update it on the Freshsales database.
            ii. The person whose API Key was used to authenticate the integration did not have the access to view all the ticket fields/ does not have all the permissions necessary to create tickets. 

  3. I have fields which are dependent on FD. They are not showing up, why?
    -->  As of now, we do not support any dependent fields of Freshdesk via the integration.

  4. If there is a new customer on FD, does the integration create lead/contact?
    -->  For any new records, preference will be given for Lead. So, it will be created as a new Lead in Freshsales. However, if you have chosen to create/update only Contacts, then it will be created as a Contact.

  5. Will the tickets be synced based on the secondary email address of the Lead/Contact?
    -->  No, only primary email addresses will be used as identifiers for ticket sync.

  1. What might be the various reasons for failure of Integration?
    -->  There might be several. But the basic troubleshooting can start with:

    1. Now that we have migrated our accounts to Version 2, it is very important that both your Freshdesk and Freshsales accounts be under the same Organization. If they are not, you can have them migrated under the same. Please use the following link to know how:

    2. Sometimes, you might fail to bring them under the same ORG. In such cases, there is another possibility that the accounts are on different data centres[Eg: FD on US and FS on EU/AUS]. If you face any such difficulties, you can always reach out to us[support@freshsales.io] and we can surely have that checked.

    3. The person setting up the integration is not an Account Admin on FD. It is always advisable to use the FD’s Super Admin’s API key for any kind of integration.

    4. You have mapped all the fields, yet it still says certains fields are to be mapped. This generally happens when you have required fields which you haven’t mapped[both on FD & FS].

    5. You might have mapped all the fields but once you start the integration, you find that most of the records have failed. This might happen due to various reasons. One of the reasons being a dependent field which is required. Since we do not support dependent fields, they do not show up on the Integration mapping page and thus there is no option to map it with any field. If that field is required on FD, it makes the integration fail.

    6. Few common errors that we encounter on FS-FD integration:

      1. Email field is empty

      2. The lead/contact that you are trying to update is not available.

FAQs - FS-Freshchat integration

  1. Can we map custom fields?
    -->  Only default fields are available for mapping.

  1. If I am on Freshchat and I add the email address after getting it from the visitor, the lead gets automatically created? Can I be named as the owner by default?
    -->  It is not possible because we do not have Owner-to-Owner mapping.

  1. Can a sales agent view the chat conversation even if they are not part of Freshchat?
    -->  No, only those CRM users who are users of Freshchat that is integrated with the account can view the chat conversation. In order to view the chat, they would need access to the chat widget which will be available only if they are users of Freshchat also. They will get the error: "You are not authorized to view this page".

  1. What plan do I have to be to avail the integration?
    -->  To avail the integration, both Freshsales and Freshchat have to be on minimum Blossom plans.

  1. Can we get WhatsApp integration with Freshsales?
    -->  No, Freshsales does not have a native integration with WhatsApp. However, you can integrate it with Freshsales and via that, the Conversations can be visible inside FS as well provided the same FC account is integrated with FS.

  2. Does updating the entity name or email address on Freshchat automatically update the same for the Lead/Contact in Freshsales?
    -->  No, any updates that are made after the creation of the record will not get reflected via the integration.

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